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Human Rights Conference Planned for Canada Pride Montréal 2017

Monday Jun 19, 2017

Over the course of three days, from August 15th-17th, Fierté Montréal Pride will be hosting a National LGBTTIQA2S Human Rights Conference as part of the inaugural Canada Pride Montréal 2017. The conference will examine complex issues from Queer Representation in the Media, to Rape Culture + Sexual Violence in the Gay Community, to Parental Advocacy under Trump/Trudeau.

Canada Pride Montréal 2017, hosted by Fierté Montréal Pride, will be one of the most thought-provoking and ideologically complex events this year in Canada. Ranging from the national human rights conference and a dedicated Francophonie conference, to community activities, dances, concerts, and the parade, communities will gather together to both contemplate and celebrate.

At the National LGBTTIQA2S Human Rights Conference, the topics below will be explored by a variety of experts and seasoned community-builders with a focus on inclusion, building diversity into our communities, and better addressing difference from several perspectives, i.e. gender, race, sexuality, class, and more.

  • 1. Resisting in Solidarity: Fighting the Gentrification of LGBTQ Neighbourhoods for all Queer Populations

  • 2. Globalizing Prides: How can the Canadian Pride Movement Build Solidarity with Global Human Rights Struggles

  • 3. An Overview of LGBTQ Rape Culture and Sexual Violence Among Gay-Identified Males

  • 4. L Stands for Leader: Women and Leadership in Canada's LGBTIQ2S Pride Movement

  • 5. Parent Advocacy Under Trump/Trudeau: Affirmation, Access, Autonomy

  • 6. On-Line and On Stage: Four Young Trans Artists Discuss Their Work

  • 7. Creating Authentic Spaces: A Toolkit for Trans and Gender Diverse Inclusive Spaces

    Some of the highlighted presenters involved in these provocative conference topics are: Olivia Nuamah (Executive Director of Pride Toronto, 25 years of experience in non-profits and government work building communities, pictured left), Doug Kerr (Vice President of Fierté Canada Pride Board of Directors), Mark Tewksbury, MSM (Canadian Olympic swimmer, and LGBT-sports activist, pictured below), Chase Ross (trans activist, speaker, educator, academic, and Youtuber, FTMTranstastic collaborator), Akiko Asano (CARE, Coaching, Animating, Recreating, Educating, advocate for trans youth), Kim Vance (ARC International, former president of Egale Canada, founded the Egale International Affairs Committee), Julie Hamara (Assistant Coordinator for the 519's Trans Youth Mentorship Program), Michelle Emson (Toronto filmmaker, human rights activist, LGBTI advocate + educator), Kate Hazell (Specialist, Educations and Training at the 519), and more.

    Interested parties may attend the conference by registering online HERE. Registration includes 3-day conference accreditation, access to all session and workshops, 3 breakfasts, 3 lunches, an opening conference reception, and a closing dinner. Early registration goes until August 1st.

    On August 18th, Fierté Montréal Pride will be hosting the Equality + Legality: International Conference on Sexual + Gender Diversity in the Francophonie. This conference - the first of its kind - will take place in French, and will tackle a range of topics centered on themes of activism, recognition, universality, solidarity, the Francophonie (living as minorities + majorities) and more.

    About Montréal Pride

    Founded in 2007 at the initiative of Montréal's LGBTQ communities, Montréal Pride is dedicated to promoting LGBTQ rights and celebrates their cultural wealth and social advances. The largest gathering of the communities of sexual diversity and gender plurality in the francophone world, Montréal Pride works locally day-to-day while serving as a beacon of hope for people around the world living in LGBTQ-hostile areas.

    From August 10 to 20, 2017, the festival's special Canada Pride Montréal 2017 edition will be part of the official programming of Montréal's 375th celebrations and Canada 150 festivities. It will offer more than 150 activities and events, with something for everyone.

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