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Watch: Philadelphia Debuts New Rainbow Flag with Black and Brown Stripes

Thursday Jun 15, 2017

The rainbow flag that represents LGBT Pride just got an update, thanks to the city of Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Gay News reports city officials have added a black stripe and a brown stripe to the multi-colored flag in order to reflect a racially diverse LGBT community. The city's director of LGBT Affairs told the newspaper the updated flag "instills so much pride in me as a queer black woman."

"When I see the flag I see myself," Amber Hikes told Philadelphia Gay News. "The new design is a symbolic representation of Philadelphia's commitment to centering the experiences, contributions, activism and dedication of black and brown members of our community.

"To me, this flag says: 'We see you. We honor you. We celebrate you. You're not just a part of us. You are us,'" she added.

Tierney, a Philadelphia-based advertising agency, approached Hikes and the Office of LGBT Affairs with the idea for the new flag.

The city's updated Pride flag was unveiled at Philadelphia City Hall last Thursday in front of a crowd of more than 200 people.

Hikes commented further to Philadelphia Gay News about the flag:

"I feel that when we celebrate Pride Month and the LGBT community at large, we focus heavily on the same voices, identities and experiences. This year, I want to celebrate people who are too often left out of our narratives. I'm really excited to use this event to highlight people of transgender and gender-nonconforming experience [and] highlight youth and people of color for their contributions to the LGBTQ-liberation movement....

"This is not going to just be in Philadelphia. This is going to take the nation by storm. I believe that very deeply. This is an opportunity for the community to come together and celebrate not just Pride but also the community members whose voices and experiences that so often get overlooked. To me, this is a chance to stop saying 'We're inclusive' and to actually begin showing it. More importantly, this flag is a step toward healing for our community and this genuine unity that so many of us are saying we want."

A website has been launched, allowing people to download the new flag for free.

Watch clips of the flag's unveiling below.

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  • , 2017-06-15 12:46:46

    So the city just decided to add to the flag without any input from the community? Flag was diverse enough.

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