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Gold Dust Orphans Get Scary with 'A Nightmare on Elf Street' this Christmas Season

Tuesday Nov 6, 2018

"Douse the lights! Close your eyes! ... LISTEN! ... Do you hear those razor sharp fingernails scraping down your chimney?

"That ain't Santa, Baby!"

Remember all those wonderfully bad "slasher" films from the '80s? Ryan Landry and the Gold Dust Orphans revisit them with this year's Christmas show — "A Nightmare on Elf Street," which runs November 29 — December 23 at Machine, 1254 Boylston Street, Boston, MA.

"Jump onto the Gold Dust Orphans candy coated sleigh ride as we present a BRAND NEW holiday horror!" reads the Orphans press release.

"One by one, the students of Elf Street Academy are being hunted down. Murdered!

"What's worse is that they all happen to be members of Santa Clause's flight team!" These include Dash Dasher, chauvinistic douchebag! Dani Dancer, good girl gone wild! Percy Prancer, gayest mammal alive! Vicki Vixen, the vampy tramp! Chris Comet, cleanest buck in town! Claire Cupid, strident feminist! Debbie Donner, a grade A student! Blitz Blitzen, mush-mouthed mystery man! Along with other Ice sprites, devils, creepers and ghouls.

They are all under control of the evil Krampus, who will stop at nothing to keep Christmas from coming.

The hope of stopping the diabolical Krampus rests with master detective Shirley Holmes and trusted companion Dr. Jodi Watley make their triumphant return to the Orphans stage just in time to save the day.

But will they succeed? Or is this earth's final holiday before "the end of days"?

The costumes are by Scott Martino, sets by Windsor Newton, sound by Roger Moore and direction by Kiki Samko.

"A Nightmare on Elf Street" runs November 29 to December 23 at Machine, 1254 Boylston Street, Boston, MA. Performances are Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights at 7:30 pm. (Note: evening performances now begin at 7:30!). Saturday and Sunday Matinees at 4:00 pm. (Yes, all Matinees now begin at 4:00 pm!) Tickets are $49.00 General Admission / $59.00 V.I.P. Reserved Seating. As always, tickets can be purchased on To reach that site, follow this link.


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