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Report: Fox News Host Sean Hannity Once Fired from Radio Show After Calling AIDS a 'Gay Disease'

Wednesday Oct 11, 2017

The Washington Post published a lengthy piece about Fox News host Sean Hannity, looking back to the early days of his career. The newspaper unearthed audio from 1989, when Hannity had a radio show "The Pursuit of Happiness," which aired on California radio station KCSB at the time.

On one episode in April 1989, Hannity, now a vocal supporter of President Donald Trump, made controversial comments about AIDS, calling it a "gay disease."

"What is the coverup all about that the media is hiding from the general public? Contrary to what we hear in the general media, you can get AIDS from saliva, from tears...," he reportedly said. "They won't let you say it's a gay disease," the then 27-year-old Hannity can be heard saying, according to the Post.

He also reportedly said he wouldn't allow a gay teacher tell his children that being gay "is an alternative lifestyle." He also "egged on a guest who claimed that AIDS was spreading among gay men because they consumed each other's feces," the Post wrote.

Jody May-Chang, who had her own radio show on KCSB named "Gay and Lesbian Perspectives," called into Hannity's AIDS episode.

"I have a son, okay?" she said on the show. "I just gave birth to him about eight weeks ago, and I certainly hope he doesn't grow up to be like you."

"Artificial insemination," Hannity responded. "Aren't you married to a woman, by the way?"

The Post reports when May-Chang confirmed she was married to a woman, Hannity and his guest, anti-gay activist Gene Antonio, made fun of her son's birth.

"Turkey baster babies," Antonio said.

"Yeah, isn't that beautiful?" Hannity said. "I feel sorry for your child."

Later in the show, Hannity said, "anyone listening to this show that believes homosexuality is just a normal lifestyle has been brainwashed... These disgusting people."

After several complaints, including one from May-Chang, the station's student manager told Hannity he was being removed from the air. But the American Civil Liberties Union sided with him, claiming his right to free speech was infringed upon, and the group threatened to sue. The case was settled, and Hannity was offered to return to the air, but he rejected the offer.

Click here to read the Post's full article on Hannity.


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