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Christine Quinn Joins Board of Athlete Ally

Feb 4
New York City’s former Council Speaker Christine Quinn has joined the board of a nonprofit that aids gay athletes.

EDGE 10.0: The Decade in Politics

By Steve Weinstein | Jan 16
In celebration of our tenth anniversary EDGE is proud to launch "EDGE 10.0: The Decade in," a retrospective series of features examining the past ten years of headlines, personalities, trends, arts, parties, etc... We kick off the series with politics.

Was Quinn’s Loss in New York a Setback for LGBT Equality?

By Steve Weinstein | Nov 17
Christine Quinn’s failed campaign to become New York City’s first out-LGBT and female mayor has aroused a debate about whether we have moved beyond identity politics and into a "post-gay" political universe.

Quinn Endorses Fellow Dem de Blasio for NY Mayor

By Jonathan Lemire | Sep 17
City Council Speaker Christine Quinn and Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, once the most bitter of foes, stood side by side in front of City Hall on Tuesday as she backed him for mayor, sealing the endorsement with a hearty hug.

Bloomberg: I Won’t Endorse NYC Mayoral Candidate

Sep 13
Michael Bloomberg says he won’t endorse anyone in the race to succeed him as New York City mayor.

Unresolved NYC Primary Pauses for 9/11 Remembrance

By Jonathan Lemire | Sep 11
As the NYC mayoral race paused for remembrances of the Sept. 11 attacks, the chaotic campaign remained without an answer a day after the primary as to whether the top Democratic finisher, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, will be forced into a runoff.

DeBlasio Leading in NYC Mayoral Primary

By Jonathan Lemire | Sep 10
Public Advocate Bill de Blasio held a clear lead Tuesday night in New York City’s mayoral Democratic primary as polls closed, according to early and incomplete voting returns. It was unclear, though, whether he would top the 40 percent threshold needed to

Voting Problems Plague NYC Primary Election

By Jonathan Lemire | Sep 10
As New York City’s contentious primary campaign drew to a close Tuesday, some voters - including one leading mayoral candidate - encountered problems with the city’s decades-old voting machines.

Making History with Christine Quinn

By Bobby McGuire | Sep 9
Loud, lesbian and from Long Island. Could she be the next mayor of New York?

NYC Mayoral Hopefuls Try to Get to Expected Runoff

Sep 9
One of the most unpredictable and contentious primary campaigns the city has seen in decades is drawing to a close. And on Tuesday, for the first time since 1997, voters will not see Michael Bloomberg’s name on their mayoral ballot.

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