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Cruz'n for a Bruising: Boycott on Fire Island Properties in Wake of Party for Anti-Gay Pol

By EDGE | Apr 24
Social media is ablaze with backlash and damage control in the wake of gay hotelier and newly self-installed "Pope of Fire Island Pines" Ian Reisner's hosting of an event for anti-gay Senator and 2016 hopeful Ted Cruz at his Manhattan penthouse Monday.

Ind. Christian Pizza-Makers Make $500K in Donations

By EDGE | Apr 3
How do you make a half a million over night? Just say the dumbest thing possible on TV.

Bachmann Puts Online Foot in Mouth With Airline Crash Analogy

By EDGE | Apr 3
Former U.S. Rep from Minnesota Michele Bachmann (R) may be retired from politics, but apparently she's still employed full-time in stupidity.

'Praise the Lord' Pizzeria Temporarily Closes After Refusing to Serve Gay Weddings

By Jason St. Amand | Apr 2
A pizzeria in Indiana has temporarily closed shop after its owners made headlines and were ridiculed on social media Wednesday for publicly announcing they would serve gay people, but not cater gay weddings.

1 thru 4 of 4 Stories