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Religious Exemptions Hurting Children

By Christiana Lilly | Dec 16
The Child Welfare Provider Inclusion Act of 2017, introduced in April by Rep. Mike Kelly, R-Penn., would allow agencies, such as adoption and foster childcare charities, to turn away people because they don't meet their religious standards.

2017 Already Looks to be a Disaster for LGBTQ Rights

By Jeff Taylor | Feb 18
The battle for LGBTQ rights in 2016 was a long, hard slog, with North Carolina at the center of the fight, after the passage of House Bill 2. However, 2017 looks to be even worse.

California Travel Bans to Anti-LGBT States Take Shape

By Matthew S. Bajko | Jan 1
With bills allowing religious-based discrimination against LGBT people pending in state legislatures across the U.S., state employees in California could find themselves barred from traveling on the public's dime to a large swath of the country next year.

Tennessee Plans to Beef Up Its Anti-Gay Counselor Exemption Bill

By John Riley | Dec 18
Not content to have passed an anti-LGBT law last year, Tennessee lawmakers are trying to add additional teeth to the measure to ensure it's as tough as possible.

Russia MPs Want FIFA 17 Banned For 'Promoting Homosexuality'

By Brittany Ferrendi | Dec 12
If Russia thinks your video game promotes homosexuality, it may be banned from the country entirely. Such is the case with FIFA 17, the world's most played soccer video game, if Russian MPs have their way.

Federal Judge Allows North Carolina Officials to Keep Refusing Same-Sex Marriages

By John Riley | Sep 24
A federal judge has dismissed a challenge to a North Carolina law that allows magistrates and registers of deeds to refuse to marry same-sex couples by citing religious objections.

Suffering, Stress in North Carolina's Anti-LGBT Climate

By Maria Dominguez | Aug 28
Setting aside the games of money and power, the mental and emotional impact of anti-LGBT legislation is considerable.

Federal Judge Hears Arguments in Lawsuit Challenging HB 2

By John Riley | Aug 7
On Monday, a federal judge heard oral arguments on a motion seeking to stop North Carolina from enforcing its controversial HB 2 law.

Federal Judge Refuses to Stay His Ruling Against Mississippi's Anti-LGBT Law

By John Riley | Aug 6
The federal judge who previously stopped the state of Mississippi from enforcing a "religious freedom" law that critics say condones anti-LGBT discrimination has refused to stay his previous order.

McCrory Lets HB 2 Funding Bill Become Law Without His Signature

By John Riley | Aug 6
Under a bill approved last month by the Republican-run legislature, $500,000 that was previously earmarked for disaster relief will now go towards legal costs.

1 thru 10 of 78 Stories