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Spoleto Arts Festival Opens in Charleston

May 24
Charleston is opening 17 days of operas, plays, chamber music and jazz Friday as the world-renowned Spoleto Festival USA returns.

Southern Style: Charleston Menswear is on the Move

By Jill Gleeson | Mar 31
Charleston is home to a new breed of menswear clothiers who are taking Southern style and re-imagining it for a new generation.

80 Years On, Charleston Worries About New Building Design

By Bruce Smith | Mar 19
Eight decades after Charleston passed the nation's first historic preservation ordinance to protect its picturesque city of old pastel buildings and quiet gardens, there's concern the design of new buildings is not as good as that of the old.

72 Hours: A Culinary Adventure in Charleston

By EDGE | Jun 5
Three days. How much could you take on of one of the South’s most delectable cities? EDGE has mapped out 72 hours worth of eating. We’d say pace yourself, but there will be no time for that.

Southern Charm: Savannah and Charleston

By Norm Goldstein | Oct 3
Head to Savannah or Charleston to experience two very different waterfront cities that have secured their positions among the South’s most popular tourist destinations.

Southern Charm: Five Free Things to do in Charleston

By Bruce Smith | Apr 18
Dating back to 1670, Charleston is filled with historical charm and major cultural events, but there are plenty of activities to explore that won’t cost a dime.

Historic Hotels Hold Charm for Tourists

Business is recovering nicely for historic hotels in the Carolinas, Georgia and Tennessee as the economy improves following the Great Recession.

1 thru 7 of 7 Stories