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Growing Push to Expose More Students to Computer Science

By Phuong Le | Dec 5
Backed by technology leaders, nonprofits and companies, schools in New York, San Francisco and other cities have committed to offer computer science to students in all grade levels.

Apple Adds Retina Displays to iMacs

Oct 13
Apple is adding Retina displays to its iMacs, which will enhance the text and the image quality of photos and videos.

Why, oh Wi-Fi! Troubleshooting Your Wireless Connection at Home

By EDGE | Jan 18
After hours of online searching, you discover the man of your dreams and start chatting him up, only to have your Internet connection disappear like Brittany Spears’ career. Here are five tips to get your Wi-Fi up and running again.

Two New MacBook Stands Combine Form and Function

Oct 19
Conceived by the award-winning Danish designer Jakob Wagner, AluBase™ is designed to turn your MacBook into a desktop sculpture. It’s the most stylish solution for storing your laptop, and an elegant way to use your MacBook with an external monitor.

No laps for warm laptops; skin damage is possible

By Lindsey Tanner | Oct 4
Have you ever worked on your laptop computer with it sitting on your lap, heating up your legs? If so, you might want to rethink that habit.

3 indicted over alleged $100M computer scam

May 28
Three men have been indicted on federal charges that accuse them of conning people into buying more than $100 million in bogus software by convincing them their computers were infected by malicious programs.

German tablet PC sets out to rival Apple’s iPad

By Juergen Baetz | Apr 13
The German maker of a new tablet PC is setting out to rival Apple’s iPad with the promise of even more technology such as a bigger screen, a webcam and USB ports.

’Nobel of computing’ goes to early PC designer

By Jordan Robertson | Mar 10
A Microsoft Corp. researcher won the $250,000 Turing Award, one of technology’s most coveted prizes, on Tuesday for his work helping design and build what is widely considered the first modern personal computer.

Experts: School can track laptops less intrusively

By Maryclaire Dale | Feb 23
School officials in Pennsylvania who admit remotely activating student webcams to locate missing laptops could have used far less intrusive methods such as GPS tracking devices, technology and privacy experts say.

HomoTech :: Lose a Laptop, Find Yourself

By Oscar Raymundo | Jan 16
The problem with making the computer personal again is that with one click, all of our information could be long gone. EDGE columnist Oscar Raymundo learned the lesson the hard way; remember to back-up, boys!

1 thru 10 of 18 Stories