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Anti-Gay Groups Slam Texas Library for Pride Month Display, Seek Censorship

By Kilian Melloy | Jan 19
A Texas library sought to serve all sectors of the taxpaying public with a Pride month display of relevant books. An anti-gay local group belatedly started a retaliatory campaign to muzzle the library.

Miami-Dade Commissioners Reject Ban on Gay 'Conversion Therapy'

By Brittany Ferrendi | Oct 15
Miami-Dade County will not be joining Delray Beach, Wellington and a number of other Florida jurisdictions banning the harmful practice of gay conversion therapy.

Fighting with Fruit: Anita Bryant's Long-Lasting Legacy

By Christiana Lilly | Oct 14
A banana cream pie was a part of one of the most iconic moments in the gay liberation movement.

A Quarter of Americans Think Gay Sex Should Be Illegal

By Brittany Ferrendi | Oct 1
Two years after marriage equality, some people still have issue with what two consenting adults do in the privacy of their homes.

Creep of the Week :: Linda Harvey Thinks LGBTQ Kids Are Predators

By D'Anne Witkowski | Aug 26
If a lesbian teen signs up for an all girls robotics camp it's because she likes robots not because she's hoping to "reprogram" the girls around her. But some people make EVERYTHING about sex...

Church Tells Gay Men to Starve Themselves to Turn Straight

By Colton Wooten | Aug 20
The Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministry in Liverpool, England, claims to offer a program designed to cure men and women of their homosexuality through fasting, the Liverpool Echo reports.

Ark Theme Park Encounters Controversy Over Rainbow Lights

By Ian Robert Hemley | Aug 6
"Let there be light," God once declared when he created the Earth. This week the man behind the fundamentalist Christian theme park Ark Encounter, Ken Ham, also made the same declaration -- in rainbow colors.

Greenacres Moves to Join List of Florida Cities to Ban 'Conversion Therapy'

By Tucker Berardi | Jul 29
Conversion therapy is the use of unregulated and largely theoretical therapeutic tactics and methods in an attempt to 'correct' the sexual orientation or gender identity of an LGBT individual.

President of Chechnya Denies Existence of Gays

By Brittany Ferrendi | Jul 22
Ramzan Kadyrov, president of the Russian republic of Chechnya, has denied claims of persecution and murders of perceived bisexual and gay men by claiming Chechnya has no gays.

Creep of the Week: Linda Harvey, Defender of the Rainbow

By D'Anne Witkowski | Jul 22
This week's creep thinks rainbows should be rescued from those raping... raping!... gays.

1 thru 10 of 166 Stories