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Clementi Foundation Seeks 'Upstanders' to Combat Bullying

By Alex Madison | Mar 12
In a small room that looked onto the serene courtyard of Grace Cathedral as the rain fell last Saturday night, a group of men and women gathered to celebrate a life lost too soon. Tyler Clementi was just 18 years old when he took his own life.

Clementi Family Becomes Advocates After Gay Son's Suicide

By Sean Carlin | Sep 22
Four years after his death, the Clementis have used the pain they still feel every day to encourage acceptance and eradicate bullying.

Family of Rutgers Student Receives Gay Pride Award

Aug 20
The mother and brother of an 18-year-old Rutgers University student who committed suicide days after his roommate publicized details of his relationship with another man have received a gay pride award.

Family to Visit Site of Rutgers Student’s Suicide

Nov 8
The family of the Rutgers University student who killed himself after his roommate used a webcam to see him kissing a man will visit the scene of his suicide.

Rutgers U. Announces New Tyler Clementi Center

Feb 1
Rutgers University is announcing a center named for the student who killed himself after his roommate used a webcam to see him kissing a man.

Tyler Clementi’s Parents Leave Longtime Church

Aug 28
The parents of Tyler Clementi say they have left their longtime church due to its views on homosexuality.

Family: Webcam Spying Led to Gay Student’s Death

Jun 29
The family of Rutgers University student Tyler Clementi said they have come to believe he killed himself in part because his roommate used a webcam to see him kissing another man.

Ex-Rutgers Student in Webcam Case Leaves Jail

By Geoff Mulvihill | Jun 19
A former Rutgers University student who was convicted of bias for using a webcam to see his roommate and another man kissing was released from jail Tuesday after serving 20 days of a 30-day sentence.

Ex-Rutgers Student Challenges Hate Crime Conviction in Webcam Spying Case

By Jason St. Amand | Jun 13
The lawyers for Dharun Ravi, the ex-Rutgers student convicted in the much-discussed webcam spying case will file an appeal against the judge’s ruling, despite a much-reduced (and much-criticized) greatly reduced sentence.

Apology Rejected as Ex-Rutgers Student Starts Jail

By Geoff Mulvihill and Samantha Henry | Jun 1
The former Rutgers University student convicted of using a webcam to spy on his gay roommate reported to jail Thursday as the victim’s parents rejected his written apology as a "public relations piece."

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