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In the 'Zone,' and How, with 'The Twilight Zone Encyclopedia' Author Steven Jay Rubin

By Kilian Melloy | Dec 1
Movie producer and author Steven Jay Rubin has written a lovingly detailed reference work on Rod Serling's original series. To find out more, EDGE's resident "Twilight Zone" fanatic caught up to Rubin for a chat.

Best LGBT Nonfiction, 2015

By Brian Bromberger | Dec 31
Most of the volumes on this list try to explain why we have achieved so much equality in the last decade, and what the implications may be for our community and the larger society.

New Book Explores the Custom of the Queue

By Leanne Italie | Nov 7
David Andrews went in search of answers and unearthed a world of science, history and cultural norms about the often stressful, sometimes nonexistent and usually time-consuming act of waiting in line.

How Orson Welles and John Huston Tried to Make One More Film

By Douglass K. Daniel | Aug 27
Reading about their last cinematic gasps in two new books aimed at movie buffs is to appreciate their obsession with shooting movies against all odds.

Book Captures Legislative Effort of Marriage Fight

By Cynthia Laird | Dec 13
A third major book on the marriage equality fight has hit bookstores this year, but unlike the previous two, which focused on California's efforts to undo Proposition 8, this one looks at behind the scenes efforts.

Book On Gay Steelworkers Prompts Union Changes

Sep 6
Anne Balay's "Steel Closets" has won a prestigious prize -- and prompted workplace reforms in a traditionally macho profession.

Redeeming the Dream: The Case for Marriage Equality

By Lewis Whittington | Jun 26
Star litigators David Boies and Ted Olson spent the next five years,building the Constitutional case against Prop 8 that led to their victory in the US Supreme Court.

Adventures Along the Way to a Dream Deferred

By Doug Rule | Mar 1
Kenneth Walsh chronicles his adventures in "Wasn’t Tomorrow Wonderful?," including what he calls "’some rough years of bad dates and [unfortunate] online hookups."

Highways and Byways: Philip Gambone on His ’Travels in a Gay Nation’

By Kilian Melloy | May 27
Boston based writer Philip Gambone chats with EDGE about his powerful collection of interviews with some of America’s most fascinating GLBTs.

1 thru 9 of 9 Stories