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Jeremy Webb on Huntington Theatre Company's Production of 'A Doll's House'

By Kilian Melloy | Dec 30
Henrik Ibsen's seminal play "A Doll's House" helped usher in modern theater -- and its message about how law and society corner and disempower people resonates today. Actor Jeremy Webb drills down into the play in this EDGE interview.

'Loving' :: Setting A Precedent

By Joel Martens | Nov 6
When Mildred and Richard Loving crossed the racial divide - and state lines - from segregated Virginia to Washington D.C. in order to marry in 1958, little did they know the precedence they would be setting.

Armed with Faith: Gibson Film Shows WWII Feats of Medic

By Rebecca Santana | Oct 28
When Desmond Doss climbed up Hacksaw Ridge - a 400-foot high escarpment on the island of Okinawa - he carried his Bible, his combat medic supplies and the weight of his moral convictions, but no weapon.

Versailles: Love, Passion, Intrigue, and Excess

By Joel Martens | Oct 9
"Versailles," the namesake new series on Ovation, will change the way you see French history and those who lived within, from an entirely new perspective.

Past and Present :: A Chat with 'Blood on the Snow' Author Patrick Gabridge

By Kilian Melloy | May 20
Patrick Gabridge has a keen interest in history -- and what better place for the prolific playwright than a city as rife with history and theater than Boston? His new play unfolds in the very same room where, in 1770, historic decisions were made.

Telling the Story With 'Stonewall' Star Jeremy Irvine

By Chris Carpenter | Sep 18
Roland Emmerich, the city-smashing director responsible for such apocalyptic blockbusters as "Independence Day," "The Day After Tomorrow" and "2012" - has now set his destructive sights on... Stonewall?

Director Robin Campillo on his 'Eastern Boys'

By Frank J. Avella | Feb 27
EDGE speaks with the Cesar-nominated director Robin Campillo about his provocative and uncompromising new film "Eastern Boys."

Ira Sachs on 'Love is Strange'

By David Lamble | Aug 30
An interview with "Love is Strange" director Ira Sachs explores his philosophy and methods as American queer film's most adroit chronicler of relationships.


By Michael Cox | Sep 24
In light of recent and reoccurring events, this play could not be more pertinent. Furthermore, anyone with the slightest bit of empathy will leave the theatre emotionally devastated.

The Drama Continues: Perez Hilton Releases Nude Photos of Gaga

By Jason St. Amand | Sep 6
The drama between Perez Hilton and Lady Gaga continues when the celebrity blogger tweeted nude photos of the singer.

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