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India's Supreme Court Rules Privacy is A Fundamental Right

Aug 26
India's top court ruled Thursday that privacy is a fundamental right of every citizen, in a landmark judgment that could affect the country's mammoth identity card system.

Telecom Lobbying Muscle Kills Privacy Rules

By Tali Arbel | Apr 19
The telecom industry's lobbying muscle pushed a consumer privacy measure to a swift death in Congress.

Privacy Concern Raised Over Search Service on Verizon Phones

By Anick Jesdanun | Apr 4
Is Verizon planning to spy on its customers? You might conclude that it is after reading Verizon's privacy policy on an upcoming AppFlash service, which promises easier access to search and apps on Android phones.

Illinois Moves to Implement Internet Privacy Safeguards

By Kiannah Sepeda-Miller | Apr 1
Democratic lawmakers in Illinois are considering implementing their own internet safeguards at the state level after Republicans in Washington voted to roll back Obama-era internet privacy protections that were to take effect later this year.

House Passes Bill Updating Email Privacy Protections

Feb 7
The House has approved legislation updating privacy protections for emails maintained by third-party service providers such as Google and Yahoo.

France, Germany Want Encrypted App Makers to Help Stop IS

Aug 24
France and Germany pushed Tuesday for Europe-wide rules requiring the makers of encrypted messaging apps such as Telegram to help governments monitor communications among suspected extremists.

Browse Free or Die? New Hampshire Library Is At Privacy Fore

By Lynne Tuohy | Jun 28
A small library in New Hampshire sits at the forefront of global efforts to promote privacy and fight government surveillance - to the consternation of law enforcement.

Agencies Contend Facebook is Breaching French Privacy Laws

By Philippe Sotto | Feb 11
Two agencies contend Facebook is breaching privacy laws in France by tracking and using the personal data of more than 30 million users, as well as non-users who are browsing the Internet.

Homotech :: Is Manhunt Selling Your Sexual Orientation?

By EDGE Investigative Team | Jul 25
The next time you’re on Manhunt, keep in mind that the men you’re chatting with aren’t the only ones interested in your profile. Without notifying its users, Manhunt has launched an ad agency to help marketers target them once they’ve logged off.

Manhunt Policy Change Raises Questions Anew About Internet Privacy

By Peter Cassels | Nov 22
Manhunt recently made it easier for non-members to see user profiles. Although members can opt out from the service, is this a way for neighbors, relatives, co-workers, bosses, clerics or spouses to check up on someone's very private life?

1 thru 10 of 16 Stories