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HRC Scores Massachusetts Companies' LGBTQ-Inclusive Workplace Policies in New Corporate Equality Index

Nov 9
This year, a record-breaking 609 businesses earned the CEI's top score of 100, up from 517 last year -- a single-year increase of 18 percent. Here's how Massachusetts-based companies stacked up.

Uber Diversity: Low on Women, Like Other Tech Companies

By Barbara Ortutay | Mar 31
Uber's first report on employee diversity shows low numbers for women, especially in technical positions. In that regard, the company is similar to other Silicon Valley giants such as Google, Facebook and Apple.

In World First, Iceland to Require Firms to Prove Equal Pay

By Jill Lawless | Mar 10
Iceland will be the first country in the world to make employers prove they offer equal pay regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexuality or nationality, the Nordic nation's government said Wednesday - International Women's Day.

Are High Heel Dress Codes Sexist? U.K. Lawmakers Hold Debate

By Jill Lawless | Mar 6
British lawmakers focused on footwear Monday, asking whether employers should be able to make women wear high heels as part of a corporate dress code.

Study Shows Gay Men More Closeted at Work

By Christiana Lilly | Feb 12
Do gay men go back into the closet when they're at work? Travis Speice, an assistant professor at the Christ College of Nursing and Health Sciences, spent four years asking this question and determined that they do.

U.S. Sues Oracle, Says It Pays White Men More Than Others

Jan 20
The Labor Department is suing Oracle, claiming that the technology giant pays white male workers more than their non-white and female counterparts with the same job titles.

CIA Group Releases Documentary Highlighting LGBT Inclusion

By John McDonald | Dec 12
On Tuesday the Central Intelligence Agency's LGBT employee resource group released a documentary highlighting the agency's efforts in building a more inclusive working environment.

Mila Kunis Pens Essay Promising to Stand Up to Gender Bias

Nov 5
Mila Kunis says in a new essay that anytime she experiences gender bias at work, she's going to speak up about it.

Full 7th Circuit Agrees to Hear Indiana Employment Discrimination Case

By John Riley | Oct 15
The 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals will hear the case of an Indiana woman who claims she was denied full-time employment six different times and eventually fired because she is a lesbian.

5 Assets Your Company Can Gain from Workplace Diversity

Sep 27
If you own a business today, then you may be hearing quite a bit about the importance of diversity in the workplace. However, it may surprise you that the meaning of this term is not as simple as at used to be.

1 thru 10 of 38 Stories