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How Congress Used the Shutdown Deal to Cut More Taxes

By Marcy Gordon | Jan 27
The deal that ended the government shutdown also further cut taxes, adding billions more to the national deficit.

American Express Posts $1.2 Billion Loss Due to New Tax Law

By Ken Sweet | Jan 22
Credit card company American Express posted a $1.2 billion loss in its latest quarter after booking large one-time charges related to the new tax law.

Tax Law Gives Unexpected Break to Farmers Who Sell to Co-ops

By Steve Karnowski | Jan 21
Key senators and farm groups are trying to fix a provision in the federal tax overhaul that gave an unexpected tax break to farmers who sell their crops to cooperatives rather than regular companies.

Apple Banks on Tax Break to Build 2nd Campus, Hire 20,000

By Michael Liedtke | Jan 20
Apple is planning to build a new corporate campus and hire 20,000 U.S. workers in an expansion driven in part by a tax cut that will enable the iPhone maker to bring an estimated $245 billion back to its home country.

Citigroup Reports $18.3 Billion Loss, Caused by New Tax Law

By Ken Sweet | Jan 17
Citigroup reported an $18.3 billion loss in the fourth quarter on Tuesday - effectively wiping out the company's full-year 2017 profit - as the financial conglomerate had to take more than $20 billion in accounting write-downs related to the new tax law.

Why the GOP Tax Cuts Are Boosting Stocks and Who Gains Most

By Josh Boak | Jan 16
Republicans assert that the plan will deliver stronger economic growth and substantial pay raises for the middle class. Democrats and most economists counter that the measure will overwhelmingly favor corporations and wealthy individuals.

AP FACT CHECK: Trump Inflates the Size of His Tax Cuts

Jan 10
President Donald Trump is misstating the size of his tax cuts.

5 Ways to Assess Whether the GOP Tax Plan is Delivering

By Josh Boak | Jan 8
As soon as summer, it may become clear whether the tax cuts have unleashed stronger consumer spending. But it could take years to know whether many people are enjoying the generous pay raises.

IRS Warns That Tax Season Brings Security Risks

By Joyce M. Rosenberg | Jan 4
While cybersecurity should be a year-round concern for small business owners, income tax filing season can bring some particular risks, according to the IRS.

Trump Supporters Greet Tax Law With Shrugs and Measured Hope

By Thomas Beaumont and Nicholas Riccardi | Dec 25
Ask someone like Sam Banks about the tax plan President Donald Trump signed into law Friday, and you hear something other than the effusive joy Republicans in Congress put on display this week.

1 thru 10 of 124 Stories