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Anti-Gay Rapper Looking at Life Sentence After Drug Bust

By Jennifer Kay | Feb 15
Grammy-winning singer Buju Banton checked out some cocaine, put some on his finger and tasted it - all of it caught on law enforcement video inside a Florida warehouse. Now he has another chance to explain why.

Anti-gay reggae artist to perform in Los Angeles

By Sylvia Rodemeyer | Nov 24
Capleton is scheduled to perform at the Cabana Club in Los Angeles on Thursday, Nov. 25.

Virulently Homophobic Singers Banned from U.S.

By Kilian Melloy | Apr 5
A handful of Jamaican dancehall artists have had their U.S, visas canceled and will reportedly not be coming into the country.

New Details Emerge in Anti-Gay Reggae Star’s Drug Bust

By Curt Anderson | Dec 15
Jamaican reggae star Buju Banton is facing charges that he attempted along with others to buy a large quantity of cocaine from an undercover law enforcement officer.

Anti-Gay Reggae Star Faces Florida Drug Rap

Dec 14
Jamaican reggae star Buju Banton is facing a drug charge in Florida.

Gay Activists Meet With ’Boom Bye Bye’ Singer Buju Banton

By Kilian Melloy | Oct 14
In what was said to be the first sit-down between reggae artist Buju Banton and GLBT equality advocates, the singer of the so-called "gay murder" song "Boom Bye Bye" fielded suggestions about how to reconcile with America’s gay and lesbian community.

More Tour Dates Canceled for ’Homophobic’ Jamaican Singer

By Kilian Melloy | Sep 14
Reggae singer Buju Banton, whose anti-gay anthem "Boom Bye Bye," a popular song that describes shooting gays and burning their bodies, has seen still more concert dates evaporate.

Promoters cancel Buju Banton concerts after LGBT outcry

By Zamna Avila | Sep 2
Live Nation and promoter Goldenvoice-AEG Worldwide’s decision to cancel a series of Buju Banton concerts highlights the long-simmering controversy over lyrics in some reggae and other Jamaican musical genres that appear to promote homophobia and even violence against LGBT people.

1 thru 8 of 8 Stories