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Renault Wants Half Its Cars to be Electric or Hybrid in 2022

By Jeffrey Schaeffer and Angela Charlton | Oct 9
French carmaker Renault said Friday that half of its models will be electric or hybrid by 2022 and it's investing heavily in "robo-vehicles" with increasing degrees of autonomy.

Tesla Provides First Look at Cheaper Model 3 Sedan

By Christopher S. Rugaber | Jul 12
Electric automaker Tesla has produced its first Model 3 sedan, a highly anticipated car because it carries a relatively low sticker price.

China Propels Rise of Electric Ultra-High-Performance Cars

By Joe McDonald | Jun 21
Want an insanely fast ride with zero emissions? Startup NIO has the car: An electric two-seater with muscular European lines and a top speed of 195 miles per hour (313 kilometers per hour).

Toyota Hopes Revamped Plug-In Sells Better Than First Model

By Yuri Kageyama | Feb 18
Toyota has revamped its plug-in hybrid with a longer cruising range and quicker charging, including from a regular home plug, hoping it will sell better than the first model from five years ago that officials acknowledged had flopped.

Tesla Car Catches Fire During Promotional Event in France

Aug 19
A Tesla electric car caught fire during a promotional tour in southwest France, and those aboard escaped unharmed.

Toyota Starts Sales of 4th Generation Prius Hybrid

By Yuri Kageyama | Dec 10
Toyota said Wednesday it expects annual sales of its newly-released fourth generation Prius hybrid to reach as many as 350,000 vehicles despite a big drop in oil prices making traditional gasoline cars cheap to run.

Cars: A Brand-by-Brand Look at New 2016 Models

By Tom Krisher, Dee-Ann Durban | Sep 15
The 2016 model year has plenty of workhorses, including new versions of the Toyota Tacoma and Nissan Titan pickups, Chevrolet Malibu and Kia Optima sedans and the Honda Civic small car.

Automakers Trying to Prevent Hackers from Commandeering Cars

By Tom Krisher | Aug 7
Two hackers sitting on a living room couch used a laptop computer to commandeer a Jeep from afar over the Internet, demonstrating a scary vulnerability. The average new car has 40 to 50 computers, more than a Boeing 787.

Obama’s electric car champion

By Ken Thomas | Aug 24
David Sandalow starts his five-mile commute each day by unplugging an orange extension cord connecting his Toyota Prius hybrid to an outlet in his brick carport. He fills up his car with gasoline about once every month or two, an oddity in a transportation sector long dominated by the internal combustion engine.

More roadside chargers needed for electric cars

By Joel Schechtman | Jul 26
The auto industry calls it range anxiety: Drivers want electric cars but worry they won’t have enough juice to make long trips. After all, what good is going green if you get stranded with a dead battery?

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