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Bolsonaro, Others Shun Masks at July 4 Celebration in Brazil

By Ricardo Coletta | Sunday Jul 5, 2020
Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro attended a U.S. Independence Day celebration in Brazil's capital Saturday at which participants declined to wear face masks.

Governors Stress 'Personal Responsibility' over Virus Orders

By Kimberlee Kruesi | Sunday Jul 5, 2020
Earlier this week, as Tennessee registered what then was its highest single-day coronavirus case increase, Gov. Bill Lee held a news conference and issued a stern response.

Paint Schemes Go Political As NASCAR Season Heats Up

By Michael Marot | Sunday Jul 5, 2020
In NASCAR, the colorful paint schemes on the stock cars have taken a decidedly political turn in recent weeks — and will again this weekend.

Mississippi Could Drop Jim Crow-Era Statewide Voting Process

By Emily Wagster Pettus | Sunday Jul 5, 2020
Mississippi just ditched its Confederate-themed state flag. Later this year, the state's voters will decide whether to dump a statewide election process that dates to the Jim Crow era.

Kansas Newspaper's Post Equates Mask Mandate with Holocaust

By John Hanna | Sunday Jul 5, 2020
A Kansas newspaper posted a cartoon on its Facebook page likening the Democratic governor's order requiring people to wear masks in public to the roundup and murder of millions of Jews during the Holocaust.

Sex Workers Lack Food for Taking HIV Drugs During COVID-19

By Ignatius Ssuuna | Sunday Jul 5, 2020
As the coronavirus spreads in Africa, it threatens in multiple ways those who earn their living on the streets — people like Mignonne, a 25-year-old sex worker with HIV.

1 of 2 Protesters Hit by Car on Closed Seattle Highway Dies

By Martha Bellisle | Sunday Jul 5, 2020
A car drove onto a closed freeway early Saturday and struck two people in a crowd protesting against police brutality, killing one and critically injuring the other, authorities said.

US Holiday Fuels Worries About Skyrocketing Virus Cases

By Tamara Lush, Kim Chandler and Kathleen Foody | Sunday Jul 5, 2020
The U.S. has dipped under 50,000 new daily infections for the first time in four days, according to a tally by Johns Hopkins University, but experts fear celebrations for the July 4th weekend will increase nation's surging coronavirus outbreak.

For Nation's Birthday, Trump Stokes the Divisions Within US

By Lynn Berry and Aamer Madhani | Sunday Jul 5, 2020
On a day meant for unity and celebration, President Trump vowed to "safeguard our values" from enemies within — leftists, looters, agitators, he said — in a Fourth of July speech packed with all the grievances and combativeness of his political rallies.

Across Sun Belt, Hopes for Economy Give Way to Renewed Fears

By Tamara Lush and Jim Vertuno | Saturday Jul 4, 2020
For residents across America's Sun Belt — business owners and workers, consumers and home buyers — the past three months have delivered about the scariest ride in memory.

Stimulus Money Could Pose Dilemmas in Nursing Homes

By Candice Choi | Saturday Jul 4, 2020
Nursing home residents are getting $1,200 checks as part of the U.S. government's plan to revive the economy. But with many long-term care facilities under lockdown, what are the rules around the money?

As Monuments Fall, Confederate Carving Has Size On Its Side

By Kate Brumback and Russ Bynum | Saturday Jul 4, 2020
Stone Mountain's supersized sculpture depicting Gen. Robert E. Lee, Confederate President Jefferson Davis and Gen. Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson mounted on horseback has special protection enshrined in Georgia law.

UK Judge Says Amber Heard Can Be in Court for Depp Testimony

Saturday Jul 4, 2020
Johnny Depp's lawyers have failed to stop the American actor's ex-wife, Amber Heard, from attending his libel trial against the British tabloid newspaper The Sun until she is called to give evidence.

'People Aren't Stupid': Pence's Virus Spin Tests Credibility

By Jill Colvin | Saturday Jul 4, 2020
Vice President Mike Pence has long played the straight man to Donald Trump, translating the president's bombast into more measured, calming language.

Geofence Warrants to Be Tested in Virginia Bank Robbery Case

By Denise Lavoie | Saturday Jul 4, 2020
Google is served with the vast majority of "geofence" warrants because it stores information from millions of devices in a massive database known as Sensorvault.

Liz Weston: Some Taxpayers Face A Desperate Wait for Refunds

By Liz Weston, NerdWallet | Saturday Jul 4, 2020
The IRS is slowly resuming operations after pandemic-related lockdowns, but delayed refunds are devastating some people's finances.

'People Aren't Stupid': Pence's Virus Spin Tests Credibility

By Jill Colvin | Saturday Jul 4, 2020
Pence has spent the past week trying to convince the American public that things are going very well, even though they're not. For public health experts, the optimism has been unmoored from reality.

At Pride March In Paris, Activists Demand Racial Justice Too

Saturday Jul 4, 2020
While the French capital's official Pride event was delayed until November to prevent spread of the coronavirus, grassroots groups plan a march through Paris anyway Saturday — led by people of color.

AP Fact Check: Trump's Empty Assurance on Controlling Virus

By Hope Yen and Calvin Woodward | Saturday Jul 4, 2020
April and May brought the deadliest stretch of COVID-19 to date. And this past week, the number of new coronavirus cases per day hit an all-time high of 50,000. The message all along the way: "It's under control."

In Troubled Times: Independence Day in A Land of Confusion

By Ted Anthony | Saturday Jul 4, 2020
On Independence Day, we Americans — if there is in fact a "we" in American life — celebrate the anniversary of a time when a lot of people, feeling really angry and scared, decided to do something about it.

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