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Herald’s Bob Kraft article draws homophobic web comments

by Hannah Clay Wareham .
Friday Feb 11, 2011

A recent Boston Herald article announcing that New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft will be keynote speaker at an LGBT networking event hosted by Boston Spirit Magazine attracted a slew of unsolicited homophobic comments online.

While several comments were deleted by the Herald, citing that their content did not follow the website's posting guidelines, remaining remarks include, "Unreal get right with God, this country is going to S--t. God help us!"; "Isn't that wonderful, more lip service to all the freaks of our diverse society. Makes you want to throw up in your mouth"; "Tight Ends and Wide recievers will be on hand to answer questions after the symposium"; and "die in a fire" [sic].

"It's unfortunate that some people in society still feel the need to preach such hatred, whether it is homophobia, racism, or any other type of bigotry or discrimination," said Boston Spirit Magazine publisher David Zimmerman. "However, the fact remains that the people who chose to post negative comments on the Boston Herald website represent a very small portion of the Herald's readers and an even smaller portion of Massachusetts citizens.

"In a conversation I had recently with Steve Buckley, the Herald sports columnist who recently came out, he told me that he has received nearly 3,000 emails and '99.99% of them were positive and supportive.' To me, that speaks much louder than the 40 to 50 morons commenting on the Herald website."

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  • , 2011-02-11 16:00:05

    I find that the vast majority of comment posting folks on many "newspaper sites" are really low brow morons... truth.

  • , 2011-02-15 22:38:39

    What you have is outfits like the hate group American family association sending out "action alerts" to their members. Along with charged words etc. And all of a sudden you will see a bunch of hateful comments pop up, using much the same language or points. their goal is both to spread hate, and also to intimidate good people and make them feel that its a hopeless cause. HOw many people realize that 90% percent of all elections in this country could have come out the opposite way if the people who didn’t vote came out and most voted for the candidate who actually lost. MY personal experience was somewhat similar. two days before the gainesville election for mayor, I got in touch with Craig Lowes staff, and made 200+ get out the vote phone calls for him. He won by 42 votes, and is the gay mayor of Gainesville FLA. Maybe I made the difference. BTW his opponent was supported by Jim Jones - the same pastor who wanted to burn the koran at the WTC center. His church is listed as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law center.

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