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Gigantor: The Collection - Volume 2

by Phil Hall
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Wednesday Oct 7, 2009
Gigantor: The Collection - Volume 2

For those who can't get enough of the anime robot who was "bigger than big, taller than tall, quicker than quick, stronger than strong," this collection of 26 episodes completes the DVD anthology collection of Gigantor episodes.

Set in the year 2000 (as imagined from an early 1960s perspective), the series finds the world under constant threat of attack from a variety of wild megalomaniacs. The only ones who appear to be willing to thwart these excessive miscreants are Dr. Bob Brilliant, nutty cop Inspector Blooper, secret agent Dick Strong (yeah, how did that get past standards and practices?) and wee Jimmy Sparks, who controls the super-sized robot Gigantor.

Gigantor himself is fairly stolid and often plays a minimal role in the episodes - Jimmy and his grown-up pals inevitably power Gigantor to knock out armies, rival robots and anything that comes barreling into view.

This U.S. adaptation of the Japanese TV series plays most of the episodes for silly fun, with intentionally corny puns and absurd names (a robot sporting steer horns is called Taurus of Bulba, a war erupts between the countries of Snork and Teeny Meeny, etc.). Producer Fred Ladd, who imported and re-dubbed the series, is featured on the DVD's commentary channel - though it is a shame that the original Japanese versions are not included.

However, Gigantor fans will appreciate the DVD's special DVD-ROM content: issues seven through 12 of the Gigantor comic book series. What more can you ask from the robot who's "ready to fight for right against wrong"?

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