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Lady And The Tramp

by JC Alvarez
Friday Nov 15, 2019
'Lady And The Tramp'
'Lady And The Tramp'  

Love barks!

What's old is new, very new, again when it comes to Disney. On the eve of launching their brand new subscriber based digital platform, Disney+, the network wanted to give its audience a taste of the various formats items that they are promising. Among these offerings is the brand new, real-life adaptation of the classic "Lady and the Tramp." In the style of the recent theatrical release of the hit "Lion King," the animated tale of two dogs from different sides of the tracks looks fresh, contemporary, and well groomed!

Starring the voices talents of Marvel Studio staple Tessa Thompson as the glorious cocker spaniel named "Lady," and Justin Theroux expertly cast as the ruff-around-the-edges "Tramp," the pair lead an all-star cast of furry favorites given voices by supporting cast mates including Sam Elliot, Janelle MonĂ¡e, Benedict Wong, and more. Utilizing a combination of trained animal actors in the lead roles, CGI animation is supplemented in to give the featured players additional personality and charm.

The story, of course, is based on the animated movie. Lady lives with her upper-class American family, at what is likely the turn of the century. Directed by Charlie Bean, the narrative takes the distinct liberty of reflecting our contemporary society, which is appropriately much more diverse than the early-1900s setting seen in the animated movie. Lady is the holiday gift of Jim Dear to his wife, Darling, and the pair shower the new pup with love, but when a new arrival — a baby — comes into the picture, less attention is put upon the four-legged companion.

When her humans decide that they need a vacation, Aunt Sarah (played by Yvette Nicole Brown) is put in charge of the household and she is not a particular fan of pooches. Lady befriends the neighborhood dogs, including the wayward Tramp, and it isn't long before the streetwise mutt-about-town shows her the ropes of life "footloose and fancy free." Of course — no spoiler here — the pair begin to develop a romance, and that inevitably leads to the sharing of a plate of spaghetti and the pass of a meatball that warms hearts everywhere.

The film is not necessarily note-for-note remake of the original, but it doesn't diverge too far, including its musical numbers; it's easy to fall into the rhythm and give in to the warmth of the story, which is very well crafted and is endearing. There is something far more magical about the animated film that isn't exactly seeded into this retelling, but for a generation that may not have grown up with the cartoon classic, this feature will resonate. "Lady and The Tramp" is fun for the family, and worth the dive into on Disney+.

"Lady and The Tramp" is now streaming on Disney+

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