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Back to the Future: Which TV Shows to Watch in 2015

by Jason St. Amand
National News Editor
Saturday Jan 3, 2015

It's hard to believe 2014 is over and we're embarking on a new year, full of new potential for television and returns of our favorites. We may just be in the first week of 2015, but that doesn't mean there aren't new shows and albums to look forward to this year.

Sure, some of the programs listed in this piece don't have a set-in-stone airing date but just knowing that these things will happen this year is just as good.

"Broad City" - Jan. 12

For fans of "Girls," Comedy Central's "Broad City" takes living in New York City as a poor female millennial to new extremes. While "Girls" builds on plot, characters development and structure, all while peppering in BuzzFeed-like relatable satire, the creators and stars of "Broad City," Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson, show the true grit and grossness of Lena Dunham's world. But what separates "Broad City" from "Girls" is their bawdy humor, making it one of the funniest shows on TV. The 30-minute episodes are shot like vignettes; in one episode, the women are shoving weed up their vaginas, in another they're cleaning a giant man baby's apartment (played by Fred Armisen) to get some cash to see a Lil Wayne concert. But it's their friendship and support system that highlights "Broad City" and if the trailer for Season 2, which will have 10 episodes, is any indication, Illan and Abbi are in for some even more insane misadventures than they experienced during Season 1.

"Girls" - Jan. 11

In just about a week, Hannah, Marnie, Shoshanna and Jessa are back for Season 4 of HBO's "Girls," which will consist of 10 episodes - down two from Season 3. It's unclear how much of the season will take place in the Big Apple, as Hannah is in the Midwest for the Iowa Writer's Workshop to write fictional stories based on her life (things are kinda getting meta!). According to the one-minute 30-second trailer, Marnie is in a sticky situation with her musical partner from last season and Shosh is facing the troubles of finding work and acclimating into the real world like Hannah did in Season 1. Also Jessa and Adam get arrested?! And out actor Andrew Rannells who plays Elijah, is bumped up the main cast! Who knows what's in store for Season 4 and more importantly, will Adam's and Hannah's relationship status be resolved in episode one?

"Looking" - Jan. 11

We last left the men of "Looking" in some turmoil - at least with lead Patrick (Jonathan Groff), who is caught between his (ex?) boyfriend Richie (Raul Castillo) and his hunky boss Kevin (Russell Tovey). The Season Two trailer is short but sweet and it's unlikely the love triangle will resolve itself anytime soon. Also spotted in the clip is "Mean Girls" star Daniel Franzese, who is "the new bear in town" and will be a love interest for Agustin (Frankie J. Alvarez).

"Togetherness" - January 11

"The lives and relationships of two couples living under the same roof," is the simple synopsis of HBO's new show "Togetherness," directed by brothers Mark and Jay Duplass, who directed "Jeff Who Lives at Home," and more recently, "The Skeleton Twins." According to Entertainment Weekly, everyone is a huge mess as Mark Duplass, who stars as Brett, and his wife Michelle host Michelle's sister and Brett's best friend at their home. And judging by the trailer, the show looks like it has the weird sense of humor we've come to expect by the Duplass brothers cut with some real stressful situations.

"American Horror Story," "American Crime Story," "Screaming Queens" - Fall / Summer

OK, so "American Horror Story: Freak Show" still has three episodes left before the forth installment of the anthology series is complete, but super fans are already speculating what Season Five will be about. It will probably air sometime in October 2015 (as all season of "AHS" premiered just a few weeks before Halloween) and as creator Ryan Murphy said there are already clues to Season Five in "Freak Show." Fanatics pointed to an image of a top hat that appeared on some coffee cups during a few episodes, saying that it refers to "Operation Top Hat, a 'local field exercise' that occurred in Alabama in 1953, one year after the events of 'Freak Show,'" he Huffington Post writes, adding "The operation involved the United States Army Chemical Corps testing biological and chemical weapons, mustard gas, and nerve gas for decontamination. However, the experiment was never submitted to the Secretary of the Army for approval and those involved in the tests were supposedly not informed of the circumstances." Could this be "American Horror Story: The Hills Have Eyes"?

Murphy is also working on two other series, "American Crime Story" and "Screaming Queens." The former show, set to appear on FX, just like its "AHS" counterpart, and will be subtitled "The People vs. O.J. Simpson." It stars Cuba Gooding Jr. as O.J., "AHS" alumna Sarah Paulson as Marcia Clark, David Schwimmer as Robert Kardashian, Charisma Carpenter as Nicole Brown Simpson and Shannen Doherty as Brown's sister, Denise. It's got an interesting cast, a good concept, but we all know this could go horribly wrong. It's set to air later in 2015 probably in the summer.

For "Screaming Queens," a 15-epiosde Fox "comedy horror" anthology series, is vague but will star another "AHS" alumna, Emma Roberts, along with Jamie Lee Curtis and Sarah Michelle Gellar. The show will be set around a series of murders on a college campus.

"The Walking Dead" Spin Off: "Cobalt" -- Fall (?)

Making a spin off series from one of the most successful shows on TV seems like a no brainer. Though the show's name hasn't been confirmed, it's being called "Colalt" right now, we do know a few things: It will be a prequel to "TWD," meaning it will occur during right before or right at the start of the zombie outbreak, revealing how this whole mess started - something "TWD" hardly mentions. It will star new survivors (all normal, every day folk handling a zombie apocalypse) and will be set in Los Angeles ("TWD" is set in Alabama). The main cast has been confirmed: female lead will be played by Kim Dickens ("Gone Girl") and the male lead is Cliff Curtis, an unknown actor know best for his role in "Gang Related." Rumor has it the show will air in fall 2015.


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