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Super Troopers 2

by Greg Vellante
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Friday Apr 20, 2018
'Super Troopers 2'
'Super Troopers 2'  

[to the tune of "My Favorite Things" from "The Sound of Music"]

Recycled jokes that weren't clever the first time,
Indiegogo should be charged with a hate crime,
Racism, sexism, making me cringe,
90 whole minutes of unfunny things.

Jokes about buttholes and puns about caulking,
One tasteless jab at the late Stephen Hawking,
Characters so damn obnoxious it stings,
90 whole minutes of unfunny things.

Shame that a movie about immigration,
Tackles the subject with tone-deaf deflation,
There's nothing of worth that this piece of shit brings,
90 whole minutes of unfunny things.

Here's a dick joke,
And a balls joke,
Made by 50-year-old men!
90 whole minutes of unfunny things,
"Super Troopers 2" is a sin.

Each passing second you feel your life wasted,
Except for the stoners who live in Mom's basement,
Toke up, the jokes suck but just take a hit,
Drugs aren't enough for this unfunny shit.

Released on 4/20, oh boy, get the ganja,
Comedy based upon bullshit nostalgia,
Over $4 million in crowdfunding made,
Sometimes society leaves me dismayed.

Here's what you paid for, you tasteless consumers,
I'm not sure how people consider this humor,
A visually ugly and lazy affair,
There's even a joke about fucking a bear!

Oh, so juvenile!
Lacking any style!
Dudes get kicked in the nads!
90 whole minutes of unfunny things,
"Super Troopers 2" is so bad.

Super Troopers 2

Fired for their previous shenanigans, former Vermont Highway Patrol officers Thorny, Farva, Rabbit, Foster and Mac get a shot at redemption from Capt. O'Hagan and Gov. Jessan. The wacky quintet must provide law enforcement for a French Canadian town that's transitioning to U.S. sovereignty. Their unconventional methods soon get put to the test when they encounter a smarmy mayor, mischievous Mounties, a smuggling ring and a 1,300-pound bear.


Runtime :: 103 mins
Release Date :: Apr 20, 2018
Language :: Silent
Country :: United States

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