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War Dogs

by Derek Deskins
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Wednesday Nov 30, 2016
War Dogs

Pre-"The Hangover," Todd Phillips was a very particular kind of director. He had an eye for finding a cast with great chemistry and a sense of humor that was odd yet inviting. "The Hangover" was the culmination of this, a film that truly embraced Phillips' sensibilities but found a way to break past the usual cult boundaries. Ever since that zenith, Phillips has seemed lost. His "The Hangover" sequels couldn't recapture the magic of the first and "Due Date" felt downright mean spirited. So what's an aspiring auteur to do? If "War Dogs" is any indication, you make a basic studio picture.

Our introduction to the world of "War Dogs" comes from David Packouz. He is a going nowhere masseuse in Miami whose only dream consists of selling luxury linens to old folk's homes. He soon runs into his old friend Efraim Diveroli. Diveroli is the type of character that everyone knows is bad news, covered in fake tanner and grease, strutting with an unearned bravado. Packouz is infatuated with Diveroli and his extravagant life, so it takes little to no time for Diveroli to convince him to join in his latest venture: dealing guns to the US government.

"War Dogs" isn't a bad movie per se, but it is shockingly forgettable. It seems to have everything going for it: interesting premise with a "based on a true story" hook, goofy character roles for Jonah Hill and Bradley Cooper, a solid straight man in Miles Teller, and guns and explosions. But it all just feels so vanilla. The plot is hopelessly paint-by-numbers, the characters surprisingly shallow, and even the action fails to excite. It's the type of movie that you find on TNT and let play in the background as you vacuum.

The Blu-ray release is much like the film itself. It comes with a digital copy, which is nice, and the picture and audio quality is superb. But when it comes to Special Features, this release leaves a lot to be desired. There are only three. Two are pretty standard B-roll and behind the scenes footage (it's hard to differentiate between the two) and then the third is an odd cartoon that is, in all honesty, a total waste of time. Everything about "War Dogs," including this Blu-ray release, is nothing more than an unenthusiastic fine.

"War Dogs"
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