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Alice Through The Looking Glass

by JC Alvarez
Friday Nov 4, 2016
Alice Through The Looking Glass

Though she's charted the known world as the commander of her own maritime voyages, no adventure has quite compared to Alice's (Mia Wasikowska) tumble down the rabbit hole and into Wonderland! In "Disney's Alice Through the Looking Glass" the adventure takes on an entirely new dimension.

Alice's oath to live "the impossible" is stolen out from under her when she returns home to find out she's about to lose her ship and is being forced to return to the social constrains placed on her especially by her doting mother.

Following her instincts, and a colorful butterfly with a message, Alice beckons a request to return to Wonderland and slips through the space between mirrors and lands in the middle of a tea party, to learn her friend The Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp) has been lost in a state of depression.

Alice learns that the Hatter has uncovered a piece of his past and is tortured by the loss of his family, whom he believes are not dead but are missing, if only someone would believe him. Alice decides to embark on a mission to ask for Time (Sacha Baron Cohen) to rescue Hatter's family.

Beautifully as engaging as the classic books and Disney film it's based on, this latest journey into the magical world of Wonderland is a lot more colorful and even more lighthearted than its predecessor. Directed by James Bobin with a screenplay by Linda Woolverton based on the books my Lewis Carroll, "Alice Through the Looking Glass" is a magnificent adventure with a wonderfully textured leading heroine, and the animated characters Alice is cast into these escapades couldn't be more remarkable.

The Blu-ray is packed with bonus features that elaborate on the making of the film and pull the curtain back revealing the tricks of the trade that help bring the magic of the "Looking Glass" to life. Another spectacular featurette takes a special look at the details involved in costuming Wonderland told by the Academy Award Winning costumer of both the original and its sequel, Colleen Atwood. Additional audio commentary and deleted scenes round out a package that is every bit as delightful as the headlining film within this package.

"Disney's Alice Through the Looking Glass" is a "must-have" for fans of this winning franchise and for every Disney-phile who takes a minute to wish upon a star!

"Disney's Alice Through the Looking Glass"
available on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD Combo Pack

The Blu-ray and Digital HD are filled with bonus content including a "Behind the Looking Glass" featurette on the making of the film and special interview with Sacha Baron Cohen the man behind bringing the new character of "Time" to life for this installment, alongside all the new "Characters Of Underland" and more.

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