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Review: Joe Cosentino's 'Drama Runway' is the Best of the Bunch

by Christopher Verleger
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Monday Aug 3, 2020
Review: Joe Cosentino's 'Drama Runway' is the Best of the Bunch

According to supermodel and "Project Runway" host Heidi Klum, in the fashion world one day you're in, and the next you're out. It should come as no surprise, then, that when Nicky and Noah gear up to present a runway show, one day you're alive and the next you're most likely not.

In the tenth entry of author Joe Cosentino's delightfully audacious mystery series "Drama Runway," the happily married — and equally horny — theater professors Nicky Abbondanza and Noah Oliver have assembled a group of aspiring models, stage-struck students, and fashion design majors to launch the latest collection from decadent designer Ulla Ultimate at Treemeadow College in Vermont.

Those making their star turns on the runway include the gluttonous Cosmo Ferrentino, who never met a donut he didn't like; the smug Shane Buff, who never met a hole he didn't like; Julio Bonero, starving for affection and a career in television; and Cory, Ulla's narcissistic son, who outshines the other models with his overinflated ago, despite the enamored efforts of Ulla's assistant, Miles Jeffrey, to keep Cory in check.

Working behind the scenes are designers-to-be Johnny Riley and Lila Hekekia and theatre major Hoss Packer. The accident-prone Johnny has more injuries than a closeted right-wing politician has skeletons, which isn't a deterrent for the affections of sculpted stage manager, Hoss. Meantime, the ambitious Lila has shared much more than just fabric patterns with her professor, Tyler Greenway, which she tries to use to her advantage.

As the number of victims rises, so does the list of suspects. Not surprisingly, Nicky locks horns with Detective Manuello, while Theatre Department Head Martin Anderson and his husband, Ruben Markinson, revel in the ensuing drama from the sidelines. Throughout it all, Taavi, Nicky and Noah's teenage son, lets his fingers do the talking, texting every minute of his day away with his girlfriend, Tia.

Fans of this series are treated to yet another exciting, soapy, romantic escapade, with colorful characters, witty interplay and arousing mystery. After ten tantalizing adventures we may know what to expect, yet continue to be surprised and amazed. If this is your introduction to the chronicles of Nicky and Noah, while I strongly encourage you to explore the entire series, "Drama Runway" is arguably the best of the bunch.

"Drama Runway"
by Joe Cosentino

Chris is a voracious reader and unapologetic theater geek from Narragansett, Rhode Island.

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