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Water Sports

by Scott Daddy
Monday Jan 1, 2007

I used to hear an expression when I was growing up that, at the time, seemed a self-evident truth: Better to be pissed off than to be pissed on.

Well, when I was a kid, I used to try to break a limb (or at least sprain something) in order to get out of gym class. Nowadays I find myself going to the gym five days a week in my ongoing Battle of the Bulge (in wrong places). Clearly, time has the ability to change our perspective.

Given that my interest in the gym is based on my desire to be attractive and not built around my desire to have a healthy and active sports life (I know that's petty, but so are you), it's safe to say that the closest I come to identifying with being a jock is participation in water sports. And you know I'm not talking water polo.

Although it's rarely talked about openly in non-kink circles, personal observations suggest to me that WS is growing in popularity. Even a straight female friend recently began asking me questions about WS (including the best way to try tasting it without gagging).

Anyone who balks at the pleasure of WS without consideration need only think about a time when they really needed to hold it... for a long time... and then had release. Sweet relief, yes. And pleasure. The act, in and of itself, can feel good. And when others are involved, it can be even better.

At a New Years weekend leather run hosted by that great band of brothers The Philadelphians M.C., and attended by a number of other regional leather clubs, I noticed maybe half of the men flagging yellow (handkerchiefs, armbands, piping on pants, etc.) or outright advertisements (gotta love those tee-shirts that read "Water Daddy").

Although the leather run was not overtly sexual (no public parties), the presence of so many men interested in WS reminded me of those heady days of the Philly Fisters, which held regular parties for men into wet fun.

Held in a row house in a very heterosexual section of South Philly, the parties were conveniently located by Geno's and Pat's, making it possible to grab an infamous Philly cheese steak for dinner on the way home if you didn't reek like a neglected public restroom stall. The PF space had a shower for the men to clean up afterward (if you prefer smelling April fresh), as well as drain holes in the floor of the play area for easy cleaning by organizers. And, of course, one of the most popular features was the bathtub, where pee-hungry men, "boys" and pigs would climb in for a good drenching and/or tasting.

Such play can be very intense, but it can also be very calming and peaceful. At one party I'd been to (not the PFs), one piggy was so soothed by the unending streams coming at him that he actually fell asleep in the tub. Of course play party etiquette does discourage being a sling or bathtub hog, but these things happen on occasion. Such is life.

If you are already interested in WS, you probably need read no further. But if you're asking yourself, 'why the hell would someone want to do that?' I offer you up some ideas for consideration.

Why is public discourse and acceptance of WS so rare? Well, any kind of play that is associated with bathroom functions (well, except shaving and showering) is probably viewed not only as kinky, but dirty. It is this sense of dirtiness (psychologically and hygienically) that probably leads to the social stigma associated with WS. (It also stands to reason that, because scat is physically dirtier than WS, that there is a greater stigma associated with that particular fetish.)

I suspect that the social sense of dirtiness, of engaging in something that is naughty and slightly taboo, makes WS even more exciting to many of its players. But there are other factors as well. Being close to your partner (or partners), feeling the heat off their bodies, followed by a hot splash of liquid that covers you, can be incredibly sensual. Think a pearl necklace... but in bulk.

For men who enjoy power exchange, being or having a human urinal is an incredible erotic charge. (When I was first coming out as a leatherman, I almost hyperventilated chatting with a WS top who told me that he never had to visit the bathroom at home to urinate, because his boy took every drop.) The sense of control and mastery over another man when you are feeding him that golden load can be both exciting and addictive (or simply a very pleasant sense of routine). For the submissive, receiving that gift can seem like a genuine treasure.

And for those guys who enjoy feeling dirty and being humiliated... well, there may be a few things that beat this play, but not a whole lot. I've heard stories about a gay campground where men were playing naked in some muck, but it was drying up. In order to continue their play, they peed to keep the mud fresh and wet... and the party just kept on going.

In an age of health issues and safety precautions, WS offers an exchange of bodily fluids that is largely (although not entirely) safe. The acid in urine has been found to kill HIV, so a session that includes drinking is safer than, say, the vanilla act of fellatio to completion. (Of course, it's best to consult with your local health department or personal physician before engaging in any risk activity to make sure you make decisions that are as informed as possible.)

For those men who engage in unprotected anal sex, WS offers an opportunity to accept a greater volume of liquid than they could ever expect to receive from one man (or possibly even a rugby team) in a single session. The excitement of actually feeling that hot juice filling them up, expanding their insides, is palpable and contagious. And for bottom men who crave that same physical sensation but play more safely, the same effect can be achieved with piss enemas. (Personally, I like to prepare enemas that mix my juice with white wine-- gives more of "kick.")

Well, I'll end the column on that rather personal note and before I become a poster Daddy for the cause. If you've read this far, I suspect public discourse on WS doesn't upset you. Congratulations on being either open minded, a pig, or both. And if you haven't yet tried it, you might want to consider the alternative to being pissed off for your New Year's resolution.

You can reach ScottDaddy at [email protected] with any comments or feedback.


  • , 2007-01-19 00:34:32

    Excellent piece bringing what some would call a taboo subject

  • , 2007-01-19 00:35:53

    DO NOT take a piss enema mixed with Vodka! Can be fatal.

  • , 2008-11-26 21:57:27

    I really enjoyed your column. I have enjoyed ws for a long time in many different ways and still look for more.

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