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The Cher Show - Original Broadway Cast Recording

by JC Alvarez
Friday May 10, 2019
The Cher Show - Original Broadway Cast Recording

There's no denying the contributions made to music and popular culture by Cher.

Born Cherilyn Sarkisian, the uniquely fashioned talent entered into the entertainment arena by ways of her distinctive voice and exotic looks. Alongside her paramour Sonny Bono, the pair established themselves an indelible duo with their variety show and Vegas shows. It wouldn't be long before Cher herself would step out Bono's shadow and become a formidable force in pop music. Crossing genres, as easily and seamlessly as she did her looks through the ages.

Bringing her music catalog together to narrate the legend of her career "The Cher Show - The Original Cast Recording" illustrates the early career and rise of the self-professed Goddess of Pop. With a book by Rick Elice, the Broadway musical has established itself a crowd favorite along the same style and lines of similar built extravaganzas like "Mamma Mia!" (based on the music of ABBA). In order to convey the story, Cher is represented by three impressively eloquent voices: Stephanie J. Block, Teal Wicks, and Micaela Diamond.

The three vocalists are able to replicate Cher beautifully, and never resort to the tropes that have defined the real artist and the countless female impersonators that have attempted to out-"Cher" Cher throughout her career. Selectively sorting tracks from her early life up to her most prevalent electro-pop dance hits, including "Believe," the musical does a wonderful job of adding that dramatic curve that is necessary to tell a story. The nostalgia factor is ever-present; you can't escape the euphoria connected to each one of the hits.

It's a bit of a guilty pleasure, but "The Cher Show" does have entertainment value that will continue to fill seats; as a soundtrack the cast is well tasked, but the original songs as sung by Cher are still these hits at their best. The arrangements are derivative; there's nothing particularly "Broadway" about them, with the exception of how the dance pop songs are evolved. "Believe," with its auto-tune trick, doesn't sound like the club-thumper; it's turned into a more emotive ballad and sung by the three leads, at least until the Finale. It's an interesting choice.

With a career that continues to evolve, the beat clearly goes on for Cher, and "The Cher Show - Original Broadway Cast Recording" is an essential reflection on the experience of an artist who has often been criticized, marginalized, and bullied. Cher's defiance is what has established itself as the benchmark of her career. Her inability to "call it quits" is what has maintained her sustainability; it's what the cast best exemplifies on this recording. Cher's story is as relevant as it is entertaining, but there's no denying she is her own best show.

"The Cher Show" Original Broadway Cast Recording
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