Watch: Customers Defend Gay Waitress Denied Tip by Religious Couple on 'What Would You Do?' Segment

Monday Jun 25, 2018
A clip from ABC's "What Would You Do?"
A clip from ABC's "What Would You Do?"  (Source:YouTube Still via ABC)

The ABC News and hidden camera show "What Would You Do?" has been trolling unsuspecting people for 13 seasons now. If you're not familiar, the series, hosted by John QuiƱones, takes headline-grabbing incidents and recreates them with actors while filming bystanders to see how the react.

For its latest segment, the show was inspired by a 2017 incident in which a lesbian waitress from Illinois received a nasty and homophobic note from a family in lieu of a tip. The family realized she is gay after noticing she had a rainbow Pride tattoo.

"What Would You Do?" recreated the encounter, using actors as the anti-gay religious couple, who refuse to tip the gay waitress - also an actor.

"When a couple finds out that their waitress is a lesbian, they refuse to leave her a tip. This scenario is based on a real incident that happened in Rockford, Illinois. What would you do?" the show's YouTube page writes.

The eight-minute clip follows a few different customers, some who jump to the waitress's defense.

"You don't deserve that," said one woman told the waitress. "Don't let anybody stand there and talk to you like that."

Find out how other patrons react to the situation in the video below.

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