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On Top of the World: Climbing Kilimanjaro

By Jill Gleeson | Dec 23
At age 51, adventure writer and memoirist Jill Gleeson climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, reaching a peak of more than 19,300 feet above Africa. This is how she did it.

Hiking the Inca Trail and 4 Must-Pack Essentials

By Matthew Wexler | May 27
This nine-day itinerary from Out Adventures includes Lima's world-famous Peruvian cuisine (ceviche, anyone?) and nightlife, followed by four days hiking the Inca Trail.

Record Number of Climbers Attempting to Scale Everest

By Binaj Guruacharya | May 5
Sherpa guides struggled with high winds and snow Friday to prepare the final route to the top of Mount Everest, with a record number of climbers hoping to reach the summit this season, officials said.

Expeditions to Send Trash Bags to clean Mt. Everest

By Binaj Guruacharya | Mar 29
Mountaineering expedition organizers in Nepal are sending huge trash bags with climbers on Mount Everest during the spring climbing season to collect trash that then can be winched by helicopters back to the base camp.

5 Essential Tips for Living Out of a Backpack for a Month

By EDGE | Jan 27
Swap that five-star resort for a five-pocket backpack and get more bang for your buck on your next traveling adventure. By traveling light, you can open up a whole new world of adventures.

Top Spots for Adventure Travel in 2017

Dec 24
What will be the most-desired and most traveled destinations in 2017 for the active traveler?

The Gay, Great Outdoors: Mikah Meyer's Record-Breaking National Park Expedition

By Jill Gleeson | Nov 24
Gay adventurer Mikah Meyer hits the road in an effort to visit all 413 National Park Service sites by 2019, making him the youngest person to do so and the only one to complete the task in a single expedition.

Molten Men: Hawaii's KapohoKine Adventures

By Merryn Johns | Sep 23
The site of a major volcanic eruption in 1959, Kapoho today is a residential and vacation enclave with a bay, crystal clear tide pools made from lava rock, starkly beautiful lava fields, nearby black sand beaches.

Trek of a Lifetime: Mount Everest

By Karin Laub | May 9
Do you have the physical strength and mental stamina to handle Mount Everest?

Dutch Tourist Survives Tiger Attack in Nepal

By Binaj Gurubcharya | Feb 16
A Dutch tourist who survived a tiger attack in the jungles of southwestern Nepal over the weekend by climbing a tree said Monday that he's lucky to be alive and will now have a story to tell when he returns home.

1 thru 10 of 80 Stories