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Is Your Valentine Mr. Right or Mr. Wrong?

By Dr. Greg Cason | Feb 12
He's hot, he's hung and he's hooked on you. Finally, it seems the stars have aligned and you've landed a great guy just in time for Valentine's Day. But you're wondering, is this just a convenient infatuation or is he really "the one?"

Love & Lust 2017: Matchmaker Lends Tips on Finding that Special Someone

By Lainey Millen | Feb 11
Tammy Shaklee wants everyone to find their match in time for Valentine's Day, but if that's too fast, then she has some tips for connecting singles with someone with whom to share dating, romance and possibly a long-term relationship or marriage.

Your Guide to LGBTQAA Dating in College

By Nicole Wiesenthal | Feb 28
Throwing dating into the mix of college life can get especially complicated, especially if you identify as transgender, agender, asexual, or another sexual minority. Here are some tips.

Aug 2
Looking for love? You may find it on a new website that focuses on love connections, not hook-ups.

Love, Dating, Relationships

By Dr. Brian Rzepczynski | Feb 11
At what point does a dating relationship turn sexual if you’re looking for a lasting relationship? Dr. Brian Rzepczynski, the Love Coach, has some thoughts on the matter.

Boston Goes Gay For Valentine’s Day

By Dan Meyer | Feb 2
Bean Town puts its heart on the line with some choice Valentine’s Day events for the LGBT community -- and they don’t care whether you bring a date, or find one there!

Tired of hook-up sites? offers a real alternative

By M. M. Adjarian | Apr 5
Tired of hook-up sites? Looking for something more meaningful in terms of dating and a relationship?, a new website for LGBT people looking for serious partnerships, may be just what you are looking for. EDGE offers this site profile.

1 thru 7 of 7 Stories