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Brinkin to Start Jail Term Soon

By Seth Hemmelgarn | Mar 6
Gay rights advocate Larry Brinkin is expected to start a six-month jail term after being sentenced to five years of probation for felony possession of child pornography.

Rights Pioneers Pleads Guilty in Child Porn Case

By Seth Hemmelgarn | Jan 23
Gay rights pioneer Larry Brinkin is expected to serve six months in jail after pleading guilty this week to felony possession of child pornography.

Man Gets Nearly 27 Years in Mass. Child Porn Case

By Denise Lavoie | Sep 17
A Massachusetts man who chatted online with other men about their desire to kidnap, rape, kill and eat children was sentenced Tuesday to nearly 27 years in prison.

Australian Man Admits Using Boy in Internet Porn

Jun 29
An Australian man accused of making child pornography with a boy he purchased in a foreign country and allowing other men to sexually abuse the child was sentenced Friday in U.S. federal court in Indiana.

Indiana Man to Plead Guilty to ’Sextortion’

By Charles Wilson | Jan 31
An Indiana man has agreed to plead guilty to charges alleging that he tricked about a dozen teenagers from several states into stripping or performing sexual acts for him via webcam and other crewed acts.

Lawyer for Anti-Gay Christian Group Found Guilty in Child Porn Trial

Jan 11
A Manchester lawyer has been found guilty of exploiting a 14-year-old girl to produce child pornography.

Charged With Child Porn Possession, Married Gay Man Jumps in Front of Subway

By Jason St. Amand | Dec 21
A married gay man threw himself in front of a New York City subway after he was released from jail on child porn charges.

U.K. Rock Star Charged with Child Sex Offences

By Jason St. Amand | Dec 21
The leader of U.K. rock band Lostprophets has been arrested and charged with child sex offensives along with two other unnamed women in their 20s.

Lawyer for Anti-Gay Christian Group Arrested for Child Porn

By Jason St. Amand | Nov 20
A New Hampshire lawyer who is connected to an anti-gay Christian law group has been arrested on child porn charges.

San Francisco Gay Rights Advocate Pleads Not Guilty of Porn

Sep 28
A longtime San Francisco gay rights advocate is pleading not guilty to six counts of possessing and distributing child pornography.

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