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Florida Log Cabin Republican Ad: Hillary 'Will Throw LGBTs Under the Bus'

By John McDonald | Sep 4
A new ad by the Broward County Log Cabin Republicans attacks Hillary Clinton claiming she will do nothing for LGBT Americans and trying to tie her to anti-gay Sharia law.

Log Cabin Republicans Disinvited from Conservative Event

Apr 16
Organizers of a conservative conference in Denver this summer have told a gay Republican group it cannot have a booth at the event.

Log Cabin Republicans: Obama Administration Ignoring Iran's Human Rights Abuses

By Justin Snow | Mar 29
Log Cabin Republicans accused the Obama administration of ignoring Iran's human rights abuses against gay people and other minorities in an ad unveiled March 20.

Log Cabin Republicans Finally Get Official Place at CPAC

By EDGE | Feb 23
After years of being denied official participation in CPAC, it appears as though gay conservative group the Log Cabin Republicans will have a place at the table at this year's forum scheduled to take place in Washington, D.C.

Log Cabin Group Seeks Official Status with CA GOP

By Matthew S. Bajko | Feb 19
Log Cabin California, a group for gay Republicans, is close to realizing its long held goal of official recognition from the California Republican Party as a chartered club.

Log Cabin Republicans to Support Workplace Discrimination Executive Order

By EDGE | Dec 8
Check the skies for flying pigs, the Log Cabin Republicans are coming out against their own to support an executive order issued by President Obama.

Log Cabin Republicans Join GOP Mayors in Support of ENDA

By EDGE | Jul 30
Today Log Cabin Republicans announced a robust list of influential Republican Mayors from across the country who support passage of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA).

Anti-Gay Texas GOP Platform Adds Fuel to Davis Campaign

By EDGE | Jun 10
In an address during a Human Rights Campaign PAC event Friday, in Austin, Democratic candidate for governor, Wendy Davis, took aim at the new plank language on LGBT rights in the Texas GOP platform.

Texas GOP Changes Platform Language on Homosexuality to Endorse Conversion Therapy

By Bobby McGuire | Jun 5
Congratulations gay republicans in the Lone Star State! The draft platform for the Texas GOP has upgraded you from "pariah" to "mistake."

Log Cabin Republicans Denounce Exclusionary Policy of Texas GOP

May 29
Log Cabin Republicans announced Thursday that in the wake of denial of formal participation by gay GOP at this year’s Texas State Republican Convention, they would be joining Metroplex Republicans to denounce the Party’s stance against the organization.

1 thru 10 of 48 Stories