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Fighting the Christian Right’s War Against Anti-Bullying Programs

By Peter Cassels | Jun 4
Christian groups like Family Research Council claim anti-bullying legislation & school programs promote homosexuality & counter-productive. They claim it’s Christians who are being bullied. But they are facing opposition from liberal & gay rights groups.

Students Observe - & Protest - the Anti-Bullying ’Day of Silence’

By Jason St. Amand | Apr 24
Several students from schools around the country participated in the 17th annual Day of Silence event, which aims to raise awareness about anti-gay bullying. So did Christian groups -- by protesting the day and its anti-bullying stance.

Focus on the Family’s Biblical Counter Fights GLSEN Day of Silence

By Jason St. Amand | Mar 21
In order to counter GLSE’s Day of Silence, the conservative group Focus on the Family will hold the Day of Dialogue a day before GLSE’s event.

Homophobic Groups Don’t Want to Hear About ’Day of Silence’

By Kilian Melloy | Apr 18
April 15 was the national Day of Silence, an annual occasion on which GLBT youth and their straight allies keep quiet outside of the classroom to symbolize the plight of voiceless, powerless teens. But anti-gay groups didn’t want to hear about it.

Gay Teen Now Fights Civil Charges - From Her Attackers

By Kilian Melloy | Jun 8
A high school student accused of a hate crime attack by a gay classmate on the day their school observed the Day of Silence now wishes to swear out a perjury complaint against her accuser.

Prank or Hate Crime? Alleged Assault Takes Place on Day of Silence

By Kilian Melloy | Apr 26
One side calls it a hate crime, while the other side says that it was a prank. Either way, the alleged attempt by three girls to push a fourth, a open lesbian, over a cliff took place on April 16 took place in Kentucky on the same day as the National Day of Silence.

1 thru 6 of 6 Stories