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Trump Admin Cut Funding to Groups Working to De-Radicalize Neo-Nazis in June

By Colton Wooten | Aug 19
The Trump administration diverted fund away from organizations focused on countering white supremacists and other far-right hate groups.

White Supremacists Chant 'F*ck You F*ggots' at Charlottesville March

By Brittany Ferrendi | Aug 19
Violence, racism, xenophobia and homophobia took over Charlottesville, Virginia last weekend.

Colleges Brace for More Violence Amid Rash of Hate on Campus

By Collin Binkley and Michael Kunzelman | Aug 18
At college campuses, far-right extremist groups have found fertile ground to spread their messages and attract new followers.

Anti-LGBT Hate Group Targets SF Marijuana Dispensary

By Sari Staver | Jul 9
As the Castro medical marijuana dispensary the Apothecarium inches toward approval of its new facility in the Sunset district, an anti-LGBT hate group has intensified its efforts to block the project.

Anti-Gay NOM Celebrates Trump's Win; Read About Their Extreme Agenda

By Jason Parsley | Nov 16
The anti-LGBT group the National Organization for Marriage celebrated Donald Trump's historic win by releasing a detailed plan promising to work with him on a slew of anti-gay measures.

Duggar Begs For Cash to Jump Start Anti-Gay Law

By EDGE | May 1
Josh Duggar is calling on followers of the Southern Poverty Law Center designated anti-gay hate group Family Research Council to dig into their wallets to help enact a stalled piece of anti-gay legislation masked as a "religious freedom" law.

Hate Group Director: Sex Trafficking is 'Overblown', Gay Marriage is Worse

By EDGE | Mar 18
Jesus just threw up in his mouth a little.

All-New Special "Hate in America" Probes Modern-Day Hate Crimes

By EDGE | Feb 12
The new Investigation Discovery one-hour special "Hate in America" examines examine the current realities of intolerance in America.

Hate Group Leader Likens Bigots to 'Involuntary' Servants, Threatens Uprising

By Bobby McGuire | Feb 5
Hey gays! Looking for an "involuntary" servant with a Christian work ethic? You're in luck!

SPLC President Spars With AFA Over the Hate Group's Non-Apology

By Bobby McGuire | Jan 30
In the wake of the recent dismissal of Bryan Fischer as their official mouthpiece, the AFA wrote to the SPLC to renounce a series of outrageous anti-gay, racist and Islamaphobic statements made by Fischer. But the SPLC is not buying it.

1 thru 10 of 37 Stories