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AmsterDAYUM! Europe's Good Time Town Becomes High Culture Haven

By Jill Gleeson | Oct 6
No matter how late the night goes, culture-savvy visitors will be dragging themselves out of bed the next day to hit up Amsterdam's booming artistic offerings, many by and for the LGBTQ community.

As 'Overtourism' Swamps Amsterdam, Dutch Capital Pushes Back

By Mike Corder | Dec 12
The Dutch capital, with its World Heritage-listed canals, narrow streets and web of alleys in its red light district, is now pushing back in an attempt to keep the city attractive to visitors and residents alike. But some say it's not going far enough.

Airbnb Agrees to Limit Private Rentals in Amsterdam

Dec 1
Airbnb has agreed to limit private home rentals in Amsterdam, in a move city authorities had wanted to curb complaints about illegal hotels.

Van Gogh Museum: Prostitution Through Paintings

By Mike Corder | Feb 18
"Sex sells," says Van Gogh Museum director Axel Rueger.

Orpheus in Leather: Amsterdam’s Fetish Club Scene

By Jill Gleeson | Jul 3
We cracked the whip and sent a writer to check out Amsterdam’s leather scene. This is what we discovered...

Amsterdam Gay Man Loses Hearing in Alleged Anti-Gay Attack

By Jason St. Amand | Jun 17
A gay man temporarily lost his hearing after he was attacked in Amsterdam on June 15.

Bike Shares: Riding Through the World’s Greatest Cities

By Jill Gleeson | Apr 14
Not only is bike sharing good for the environment, it’s a great way for visitors to take in city sights. EDGE offers picks for the brightest cities with the best bike share programs around the world.

Double Reality :: Bringing Humanity to Life in ’Lebensraum’

By Michael Cox | Apr 8
Director Jakop Ahlbom discusses his darkly comic homage to the silent film auteur Buster Keaton, "Lebensraum." In this surreal and dialogue-free play, two male inventors run into problems when they create a mechanical doll to help them keep house.

Out Dutch Politicians Campaign on Grindr

By Jason St. Amand | Mar 6
Two out politicians from Amsterdam have taken their campaigns to a new level: they have created profiles on the popular gay hookup app, Grindr.

Gay Activists in Amsterdam Protest Russian Policy

By Toby Sterling | Aug 25
More than 2,000 gay rights supporters protested in Amsterdam’s largest square Sunday, carrying signs, singing songs and chanting slogans to condemn the Russian government’s homosexuality policies.

1 thru 10 of 21 Stories