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New Houseware Gadgets To Lessen Your Work

by Merle Exit
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Saturday Jun 28, 2008

New houseware products are always being invented with the "selling point of how much it can lessen your household chores. There are many that lean towards the amount of time spent on cooking and cleaning-up afterwards, with others that give us an excuse to be even lazier than we already are.


Nu-Wave, by Hearthware, has an "infrared" oven that’s portable, and purports to cook a 10-pound frozen turkey in 2 ? hours. The domed-shape electric appliance operates on a system utilizing heat that penetrates the inside of the food, circulating the air and allowing the outside areas to brown. It can replace a micro-wave convectional oven with a 1500-watt sheath heater. You can bake, steam, barbecue, fry and dehydrate. An extender ring kit will allow you to cook a 14-pound ham as well as giving you an extra pan and rack to cook on multiple layers.


ThermoStar makes a special pot with a temperature display that tells you when the pot has heated, so that you can turn down the temperature. This allows you to cook at low temperatures or crisp fry. The pot itself is made of an easy-cleaning stainless steel with a bottom that provides optimally absorbed heat.

Innovation also lies in the lid holder, which is designed so that you don’t have to place the lid on a counter top. The pot also has a curve in the pot so that you can pour off water without using a potholder- brilliance! Check out Fissler’s pans that have a non-stick sealing that’s not going to come off as you cook.

ReadiVac’s Powerpan

You know how it is when you sweep forever, trying to get every crumb in the dustpan, yet there’s always that little line of leftovers that just doesn’t seem to make it no matter what you do. Torture!

ReadiVac has come out with the Powerpan that has a built in vacuum. Too bad they don’t have one with a long handle so that you don’t even have to bend over.

Infared Trash Cans

Throwing out garbage makes you consider where to place the lid as well as having to rest whatever you’re about to dump while you pick up the lid. Certainly trash cans are available with those "foot pedals," but why waist the energy of having to use your feet?

Nine Stars USA has the answer, with an infrared trash can that detects when you’re near the can. That’s right! The lid automatically opens up.


The AeroPress by Aerobie is a coffee press of a different name, and time. Brew time is only 30 seconds! Think French press that hovers over your cup with a microfilter to keep the grinds inside the apparatus.

Fine grinds are recommended, along with water that’s about three-quarters of the time before the first bubbles. A temperature that’s above 175 degrees tends to produce a coffee with more acidity and bitterness. AeroPress’ measuring level gives the option of espresso or regular coffee. Stir the water and coffee, wait 30 seconds and then press it slowly. The result is a coffee with a "cr?me" that tastes great even without milk or sugar.


Bissell Healthy Home Vacuum was one of the entrees in a recent Design Houseware Awards. The vacuum, although not light weight by any means, is still easy to move about. What it comes with will really clean your rooms.

A turbo brush attaches to the hose so that you’re not just sucking up the cat hairs from your furniture, but it’s as if you were placing the vacuum on it. And what a hose! Between its length, extreme flexibility and hose attachments, you can clean your ceiling fans and even your ceiling.

Clean air is the result of the vacuum’s HEPA filter cartridge (you can smell the cleanliness) as well as the products that it comes with: Acarosan Dust Mite Powder and Dust Mite Spray. You can use them on your upholstery, mattresses, pillows and carpet.

The Bissell Healthy Home Vacuum is bagless as well. You simply remove the large cup, bring it over to your garbage pail, push a button and it empties out! No dust to deal with! Check it out on

Go Go Salad Petite

The Go Go Salad Petite is a plastic container that allows you to pack up to 4.5 cups of salad to go. What’s special about this piece of kitchenware? There’s an easy clean reservoir on top that you fill with up to 2 oz. of dressing and when you’re ready to eat the salad, you pull the button to release it.

For the ultimate in lazy...

Are you exerting too much energy to stir your martini? Henry Wang Mugs ( has, amongst other bar items, a shaker with a "stirrer" in the bottom. Simply press a button and your drink whizzes about.

And finally, does that shower curtain look like it’s going to engross your body or would you simply like a bit more room to lather without the curtain getting in your way? Showerbow is a product that attaches to your curtain rod and the 1-pound pivoting weight that pushes the top and middle of the curtain outward. When not needed the weight tilts back into place, the showerbow out of sight.

Merle Exit is a both a journalist and radio personality from New York City. Her background in show business as a comedian/singer and love of travel is the basis of sharing her life. You can view her website of


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