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Sexy Vegan Joshua Katcher : Fighting for the Rights of Those Who Can’t

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by Mark Thompson
EDGE Style & Travel Editor

"It’s the duty of every vegan to know how to cook - and especially because nothing is more convincing than good food," says Joshua Katcher. That said, here’s a short (alphabetical) list of Katcher’s favorite NYC restaurants:

3 Brothers Pizzeria:
Atlas :
Boneshakers :
Cinnamon Snail (Hoboken) -
Bliss :
Blossom Restaurant / Cafe Blossom :
Candle 79 / Candle Cafe :
Cocoa V :
Hangawi :
House of Vegetarian -
Kaijitsu -
Lula’s Ice Cream :
NY Dosas:
Pure Food & Wine:
Sacred Chow:
Soy & Sake (Vegan Sushi) -
Uptown Juice Bar:

Joshua Katcher Links:
The Discerning Brute:
The PINNACLE Initiative :
Gracious Gourmand: NYC-based, biweekly vegan dinner event :

A long-term New Yorker and a member of New York Travel Writers Association, Mark Thompson has also lived in San Francisco, Boston, Provincetown, D.C., Miami Beach and the south of France. The author of the novels WOLFCHILD and MY HAWAIIAN PENTHOUSE, he has a PhD in American Studies and is the recipient of fellowships at MacDowell, Yaddo, and Blue Mountain Center. His work has appeared in numerous publications.


  • Jr321, 2010-10-12 14:26:14

    fantastic article! Katcher is inspiring and good-humored about it. Makes it seem fun and empowering to go vegan and care about animals, not like some awful chore or burden.

  • , 2010-10-14 16:50:39

    what a beautiful man. he is clearly kind, compassionate, and intelligent.

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