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Kissing and Telling with 'Spider Woman' Director Ray Limon

By Tim Parks | Sunday Sep 3, 2017
When "Kiss of the Spider Woman" scurries into the Welk Resort Theatre to begin its eight-week run this September, it marks a decidedly different spin for the venue.

Q Films :: Bringing Community Together

By Chris Carpenter | Saturday Sep 2, 2017
Now in its 24th year, Long Beach's Q Film Festival has grown to become one of the seaside city's preeminent social events.

South Bay Pride

By Cutter Slagle | Saturday Sep 2, 2017
Something prideful this way comes... Specifically, the South Bay Pride Art and Music Festival!

Long Beach Landmark Theatre Company - Going to Church

By Tony Reverditto | Saturday Aug 26, 2017
The Rage Monthly spoke with Landmark Theatre Company Executive Director and Producer, Mark Wheeler, about how the theatre company was originally seeded.

How Do You Handle Differences?

By William E. Kelly | Saturday Aug 26, 2017
As citizens, we each have the opportunity and the obligation to help our diverse nation and world heal and build mutually-agreeable, beneficial paths.

'Pump Up the Volume' :: A Musical '90s Palooza

By Lisa Lipsey | Friday Aug 25, 2017
Jon Lorenz and Colleen Kollar Smith have done it again with a new show highlighting '90s hit music called "Pump Up the Volume."

A Perspective on Marijuana for the LGBTQ Populations and Others

By Brian Couey, PSYD | Friday Aug 25, 2017
Where THC content was once around 10 percent, it is not uncommon to find marijuana with a 30 percent or higher content today, which can lead to toxic reactions.

Hello Levi! - Back Where He Belongs

By Shawn Schikora | Friday Aug 25, 2017
While at a point in his life and career where he feels confident, Levi is nevertheless unafraid of questioning and taking risks, even if he admits he sometimes doesn't have all the answers.

To Protect and Preserve :: A Conversation with Tippi Hedren

By Tim Parks | Thursday Aug 24, 2017
Actress Tippi Hedren, who famously co-starred with some of our fine feathered-though deadly-friends in Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds," has long been an animal advocate.

Redefining Coming Out :: A Personal Journey

By Korie Houston | Sunday Aug 20, 2017
For some people, the process of coming out is a chance to step into that rainbow light and live in our truth. To others, it's just another grey area that divides us from the heterosexual community.

11 thru 20 of 1171