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Another Decade of Digital QNotes Archives Go Live

By Maria Dominguez | Saturday Aug 19, 2017
The online archive of the paper's early years has launched an expansion; another near-decade of qnotes issues went live online on Aug. 9.

Big Events Make Big Impact, but What Else Can Companies Do for Inclusion?

By Maria Dominguez | Sunday Aug 13, 2017
Companies are still developing strategies to target the LGBTQ consumer market.

Center's Dream Becomes Reality

By Lainey Millen | Sunday Aug 13, 2017
Time Out Youth Center finally 'at home' in new permanent facility, grand opening announced.

NC's Pro- and Anti-HB2 Pols Weigh In on Trans Military Ban

By Maria Dominguez | Saturday Aug 12, 2017
Two state officials on opposite ends of the HB2 spectrum clash once again - this time over the ban on transgender military service announced in a series of Trump tweets.

Defining the Diva

By Della Dietrich | Sunday Aug 6, 2017
Deciding on whether you are a drag queen or a female impersonator can leave you in a tizzy!

Drag Queens Who Lead the Fight for LGBTQ Progress

By Maria Dominguez | Saturday Aug 5, 2017
Once taboo and underground, female impersonation has not only stridden proudly into the light of day; for some queens, the spotlight shining down is an opportunity to make a difference.

A Tale of Transition

By Lynette Matausik, Guest Contributor | Sunday Jul 30, 2017
The closest I can describe to how [being transgender] feels and it's an absolute kick in the gut. I finally decided to start transitioning.

Drag Performers Memorialized

By Maria Dominguez | Sunday Jul 30, 2017
For this year's Kind of a Drag issue of qnotes, we'd like to pay homage to some of the local queens who are so missed.

HRC Commits $26 Million to Grassroots Project

By Maria Dominguez | Saturday Jul 29, 2017
HRC data revealed that 57 percent of voters on Election Day cited HB2 as the reason they voted against Gov. Pat McCrory. Now, Gov. Roy Cooper's victory set a standard for LGBTQ activism.

LGBTQ Divorce in Marriage Equality

By Maria Dominguez | Sunday Jul 23, 2017
Divorce between any couple is one of the most painful transitions confronted in a lifetime; but with LGBTQ couples, this process can be particularly challenging.

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