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San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee Dies

By Seth Hemmelgarn | Thursday Dec 14, 2017
The news of San Francisco Mayor Edwin M. Lee's death shocked city officials, residents, and political leaders around the region. Many LGBTs and allies praised his efforts to help the community, especially people living with HIV and AIDS.

Music for the holiday season, part 1

By Jason Victor Serinus | Wednesday Dec 13, 2017
Welcome to the first installment of our two-part survey of Christmas music.

SoundBox: It's a family affair

By Philip Campbell | Wednesday Dec 13, 2017
SoundBox, the San Francisco Symphony's experimental performance venue and live music nightclub, launched a fourth season of fashionably-later "curated" concerts last week.

Resist: SF says yes to net neutrality, no to bigotry

By Christina A. DiEdoardo | Wednesday Dec 13, 2017
Approximately 200-250 people jammed the sidewalk in front of the Verizon store at 768 Market Street December 7 to protest efforts by the Trump regime to persuade the Federal Communications Commission to end net neutrality.

When the Moral Stakes are High

By Richard Dodds | Wednesday Dec 13, 2017
If audiences saw how the regal class could rise to an occasion in "Watch on the Rhine," perhaps they could emulate that behavior.

Trans girl becomes a woman

By David-Elijah Nahmod | Wednesday Dec 13, 2017
HBO will premiere "15: A Quinceanera Story - Zoey" on Tues., Dec. 19.

Moody manor on the moors

By Richard Dodds | Wednesday Dec 13, 2017
In song and style, the musical "The Secret garden" can be a somber affair.

Lee was a steadfast ally

By BAR Editorial Board | Wednesday Dec 13, 2017
San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee, who died unexpectedly Tuesday of an apparent heart attack, was a steadfast ally to the LGBTQ community.

For LGBTQ book-lovers on your gift list

By Gregg Shapiro | Wednesday Dec 13, 2017
The following recommended titles are by LGBTQ authors in the fiction, poetry and nonfiction genres.

Connecting the Bay Area-San Joaquin Valley mega-region

By Susan Talamantes Eggman | Wednesday Dec 13, 2017
"A 2:15 alarm, two trains, and a bus get her to work by 7 a.m." This was the August headline in a New York Times story about Stockton resident (and one of my constituents) Sheila James and her daily commute from Stockton to San Francisco.

11 thru 20 of 31115