Lady Bunny Lands in Connecticut

Friday Mar 27, 2009

Fabulous, foul-mouthed diva Lady Bunny is migrating north... for a show tonight at Partners Caf? in New Haven, Connecticut, and then for a quick stopover at the Roxy in Boston on Saturday night. EDGE caught up with the big-wigged comedienne to talk about her appearances, her hair, and gay marriage.

EDGE: Have you been to Partners Caf? before? Do you know what it's like?
LB: I'm gonna find out this Friday! I struck up a friendship on with the delightful show hostess, Mizz Monika. And she asked me to come and perform. I welcome any area gig where I don't have to fly because flying has become so trying!

EDGE: It seems like a cozy place. How can you be sure your hair is going to get in the door?
LB: I'm in Mexico, so if my wig can fit in those tiny cabs, it can fit anywhere. I love trying to squeeze a big one in--and I ain't talking wigs, sugar!

EDGE: Connecticut recently approved gay marriage. Are you planning to officiate any ceremonies while you're in town?
LB: I know more about Sarah Lee than ceremonies so maybe I'd better stick to officiating those baked goods every morning! Seriously, New England must be given credit for having the most forward-thinking politics in the nation. Hopefully the rest of the county will catch up one day.

EDGE: Patrons can pay $100 for a VIP table seat. Um, what is the Lady Bunny VIP treatment?
LB: That kinda baffles me because I usually only charge $50 for a blow job. ($60 for unsafe.) So I guess that means that I blow the whole table. Wait! Does that mean I have to pay them? I'd better re-read my contract. But they do have some sexy Italian rascals up that way and I adore Italian sausage. Plus I'm on the Atkins diet so I can eat all the meat and cheese I want!

EDGE: No doubt you've heard there's a recession on. What are your thoughts on Barack Obama's package?
LB: I find his package and everything else about him VERY stimulating! He's gorgeous! And his chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel can give me his "staff" anytime he wants! Honestly, I can barely balance a checkbook, much less evaluate international financial disasters and their proper solutions. But I think it's soulless that America voted Obama into office because they saw him as the only candidate who could solve the financial crisis. I know that the bail-outs are eclipsing all other issues, but I think we have a moral responsibility to get the hell out of Iraq, the illegal war which 80% of the country is against. I'm about to file my taxes, and I am sick of paying for bombs to drop on the heads of a country which never could send WMD over to our country if they had them. If we're such a christian nation, how do we continue to collectively space out THOU SHALT NOT KILL?

EDGE: What do you think the gay community should do about Proposition 8?
LB: The gay community needs to organize around something other than circuit parties and yes, drag shows. If you sat and cried watching MILK, ask yourself where are our new leaders. I don't see any like Harvey emerging. I'm glad that Obama motivated many younger voters to get involved, but many young gay men seem like the most shallow, selfish, snobby, ignorant people on earth. Along with teenage girls, they're the only ones dumb enough to buy Paris Hilton's album! They take their freedom for granted, and that's just how we'll lose it. There was a bill passed during Bush's reign of error which stiffened the penalties for hate crimes against gays and lesbians. There are people out there fighting for our rights. How is it that we don't care enough to join them? I'm guilty too. I didn't even know that said bill for my rights was on the table. Perhaps if our gay publications would focus a little more on issues and organizing and a little less on bodybuilders....

EDGE: A drag queen, a polish guy and Superman walk into a bar. What happens next?
LB: I leave. With the polish guy. If he's drunk enough.

EDGE: Aside from a comedienne, you're also an accomplished DJ. What has been your favorite party?
LB: Do you still think I'm a comedienne after that last answer? Hee hee! Well, Dj'ing above Paris in the Eiffel Tower's club for a Visionaire party was amazing. The tower does this new thing where for a few minutes each hour, it twinkles like a massive firework. You feel like you're on exstacy. Well, I was on E, but I imagine it would have still felt pretty amazing.

EDGE: The pope recently said that condom usage will not solve AIDS. Your thoughts on this issue?
LB: How can you be gay and catholic and have a brain? The pope is not some fringe nut like Jerry Falwell or Pat Robertson spouting nonsense to backwards fundamentalist christians, he is the leader of the catholic church! And he's telling his followers that condoms do not stop HIV transmission and that they can even aggravate it's spread. This is a crazy lie leading his followers to their deaths, for which I rank him right up there with Jim Jones. Surely, this discredits EVERYTHING the old fool says. Of course, condoms may not be necessary within the priesthood since they seem to prefer sex with (presumably uninfected) minors.

EDGE: Do you watch reality TV? What are you watching now? Why?
LB: I despise it. It's killed an entire generation's brain cells. And it only exists because TV producers are too cheap to hire writers and stars. They can just sling some wannabes into a house with fun fur on the walls and watch them compete to be the next top model or the love of Flavor Flav's life. Reality, indeed! I love black men and wouldn't touch Flavor Flav's junkyard dog's ass with a 10 foot pole--even it was his own!

EDGE: This is a touchy subject. If a gay man walks down the street and encounters someone committing a horrible fashion faux pas, what should he do?
LB: Try not to have a hissy fit. It is a recession, after all.

EDGE: And... If a lesbian walks down the street and encounters someone committing a horrible fashion faux pas, what should she do?
LB: How would she know? She's probably committing several herself!

Lady Bunny appears a Partners Caf? tonight, March 27th, and at Epic @ Roxy in Boston tomorrow night, March 28th.


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