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Is Alabama AG King a Queen?

Friday Jul 11, 2008

The blogs are alive today with the sound of another homophobic politico being caught in a gay scandal. This time it is Alabama Attorney General Troy King who, according to the blog the Locust Fork Journal, was recently caught by his wife in gay affair with a male aide and banished from his home.

Here's their report:

"A spokesperson for Alabama Governor Bob Riley denied that Attorney General Troy King is preparing to resign in the wake of a massive rumor campaign that has yet to be fully confirmed. The word is, according to multiple sources in Montgomery and elsewhere, that King was recently caught by his wife in a gay affair with a male aide and banished from his home.

"According to Tara Hutchison in the executive office of the governor they have heard of no plans in the works for King's resignation. She said she had not heard that he had been kicked out of his home because of a gay affair.

"Governor Bob Riley's press office had refused to return multiple phone calls from this independent press outlet even though some sources accuse Riley of perpetrating the leak. The attorney general's press office also declined to return phone calls seeking comment."

According to the blog fishbowlAMERICA, it gets murkier:

"The state of Alabama remains abuzz over just what is going on with these Troy King resignation rumors. The Republican Attorney General, who succeeded William Pryor after his controversial appointment to the federal bench, has been seen by many as a potential gubernatorial candidate when current Governor Bob Riley leaves office.

"There are some who believe the initial source of the rumors are those from Riley himself. It has long been rumored that Riley's reason for running for Congress, and later Governor, was to pave a path for his son Rob Riley, a former SGA president and leader of the Machine at the University of Alabama. Rob Riley was on the infamous conference call with GOP operative Bill Canary and Dana Jill Simpson, when it was inferred that Canary would use Karl Rove and the Justice Department to investigate Riley's former opponent, Governor Don Siegelman.

"WSFA, Montgomery's WSFA affiliate told some bloggers who inquired about the station running a story on King, said that King was going through a divorce, and that they wouldn't be running a story of such a private matter."

Is official corroboration in sight? Common Sense, at the Alabama blog, Left In Alabama, reports:

"Sources at the Montgomery Advertiser say that they have been sitting on the story for a couple of weeks. They're working the story fast and furiously but won't run until they get official confirmation due to possible exposure to a lawsuit from King. Their sources tell them that Troy King was caught in a compromising situation with a male aide at King's home by his wife. The Montgomery Advertiser is trying to determine who King would submit his resignation to - is it Gov. Bob Riley? A press release from King's office stated that he was supposed to be in Mobile yesterday (Wednesday). The Mobile-Register is working the story as well."

And Wonkette reveals information about King's assistant that's almost too good to be true:

"His [King's] gay lover is either a college "buddy," or a very young youngster and "Homecoming King" from Troy University. What are the odds of a dude named Troy King getting caught in bed with a Homecoming King from Troy University? This seems like a wacky sitcom plot, on a gay porn channel. (Is this what that Will & Grace was about?)"


  • , 2008-07-11 13:10:07

    It’s just too chutzpatic to believe. What was Karl Rove doing when this story broke?

  • , 2008-07-11 13:43:26

    I find it highly probable that Troy King is gay, but unless some concrete evidence surfaces, a l? Larry Craig’s arrest record, the G.O.P. will bend over backwards to keep this under wraps, including paying Paige King substantial hush money.

  • , 2008-07-12 11:45:44

    Oh, it will be substantiated... only by his resignation if nothing else. And this was the rabid anti-gay AG that Bama was so proud of they flaunted it.Ha Ha Alabama Repugs... go Obama!

  • , 2008-07-12 15:04:19

    As a gay Alabamian...I feel like God just gave me a personal pat on the back! It’s is waaaaay past time for the Repugs to fall!! GO OBAMA!!!

  • , 2008-07-12 17:44:45

    What was Karl Rove doing?... I don’t understand the question... are you saying he took out King and Segelman? Or do you know what you are asking and why?King’s gay, white, homophobic and christian (yes with a small "c") and so much good it did him.. Ha Ha! The GOP (Gay Ole Party) in Alabama will probably run him out of the state, as the Republicans usually do to their own."It’s not a disease or an agenda. It’s just part of the human condition" - ME

  • , 2008-07-13 16:17:15

    Karl Rove is on the faculty as a visiting professor at Troy University. Former Lt. Governor George McMillan was queer as a football bat. Former state health officer, can’t remember his name, Fox I think, divorced when his wife got the pics of him with his boyfriend and moved to Maryland. WFSA is actually the NBC affiliate and is owned by the state.

  • , 2008-07-13 21:56:50

    Here’s a little song we knocked up in his honor’s honor.

  • , 2008-07-15 09:33:38

    So let me get this straight, I mean gay...Troy King is a Queen who did a Prom King from Troy State...story to be continued

  • , 2008-07-15 16:12:57

    First off, there is not a "Prom" at any university that I know of, so it couldn’t have been a Prom king. Secondly, the state does not own WSFA. It is owned by Raycom Media. And Rove is not on faculty as a visiting professor. He merely was a speaker at a symposium on Money, Politics, and the Media back in 2007.

  • , 2008-07-23 22:22:29

    This is a person we are talking about here. A man who has very young children. A man who was kind enough to visit my son’s school after he sent him a letter asking him to and then proceeded to spend half a day letting kindergartners ramble on about their pets and what tv shows they like to watch while he listened as if they were imparting earth shattering news to him - all without any press present. This is a person. He is a kind person, unlike everyone else who has posted here. I hope you never encounter people such as yourselves in your own lives, then again, I might hope that you do.

  • , 2008-08-22 02:55:36

    This time it is Alabama Attorney General Troy King who, according to the blog the Locust Fork Journal, was recently caught by his wife in gay affair with a male aide and banished from his home.JamesAlabama Drug Addiction

  • , 2008-08-22 03:07:19

    Ifind it highly probable that Troy KIng is gay.But unless some concrete evidence surfaces,a la Larry craige’s arrest record,the GOP will bend over backwards to keep this under wraps,including paying paige king substantial hush money.--------------------------------------------------------------------brettleeAlabama Drug Addiction

  • , 2010-03-11 22:52:43

    I can’t believe Troy king is caught red handed by his wife a not sent to prison because it was against the law when he was caught he makes me sick here he has covicted someone close to me for a sexual act and he inisent and Troy king gets caught and nothing is done he is a evilan and needs to be in prison the people of Alabama should stand up and make sure he is not re ellected

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