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Contrada warns of trans apocalypse

by Ethan Jacobs
Friday Feb 29, 2008

Given that members of the anti-gay group MassResistance have used public forums to accuse gay people of recruiting children for sex and to claim that the Nazis were gay, it's no surprise that the group's blogger, Amy Contrada, has some colorful things to say about House Bill 1722, the transgender rights bill. For the past week Contrada has been unveiling chapters in what purports to be a 75-page report on the dangers of the bill. What follows are some of the choice excerpts:

"There are unpredictable dangers lurking in the proposed terminology, 'gender expression.' Just as it's up to the individual to define his or her 'gender identity,' he or she will be able to claim that any behavior is his/her "expression" of that self-determined 'identity' and is protected in the law. It could apply to anything, whether a private or public 'expression.' Besides cross-dressing, this could logically open the door to public sex acts on the street and public displays of BDSM including whips and chains, sadomasochism -- both of which recently took place in San Francisco's Folsom Street Fair. Or polyamory (multiple partners), and eventual demands for legalized polygamy. Or sex for pay (legalized prostitution) and 'sex slave' arrangements. Or public displays of nudity or semi-nudity (as already seen in 'gay pride' parades)."

"This bill is about a woman who decides to have her breasts removed and parade as a 'male' in the street, with her scarred chest bared. Now, such things happen only in 'gay' neighborhoods or 'pride' events. Soon, you could see a de-breasted woman walking around a suburban neighborhood or family beach, just as men now do, without a shirt - and you will not be able to complain because it's 'gender expression.' Since she identifies as a male, she is a male, and she's no longer a female bearing her breasts - which are no longer there in any case. And you will have to 'celebrate diversity' and tell your little daughter that she, too, might grow up some day and not have breasts."

"A hotel or convention site will not be allowed to turn down a transgender/cross-dresser or BDSM (whips & chains, sadomasochism) convention. A restaurant will not be able to turn away a special party for she-male prostitutes and their clients, or cross-dressers. A museum or library will not be allowed to turn away a GLBT activist seminar promoting BDSM, public nudity, public sex, or legalized prostitution. A function facility will not be allowed to refuse a seminar on breast removal and hormone treatments for women 'transitioning' to men. A Catholic church could even be forced to hold a forum on homosexual or transsexual 'marriage' or polygamy. These behaviors and activities could all be considered 'gender expression' and these venues are could all be considered 'public accommodations.'"

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  • , 2008-03-03 01:52:47

    This person need to get a life. I can’t wait to hear them explain how California, a state of more than 30 million people, has had such a law for almost a decade without any trouble whatsoever.

  • , 2008-04-23 05:05:06

    I have to say that if people haven’t accepted the fact that some of us Just WILL NOT conform to the ways of society then they never will. we will always be badgered,put down,usually the first person/persons they want to point fingers at. I mean Good God cant you people find better things to do with your time , than to get into the lives and business of things you have NO Damn clue about. You Know whats even worse is we have American troops over seas dieing and all they idiots in this country can worry about is a Gay parade a open lifestyle, they are afraid that the 60’s and the 70’s are going to happen again. you ever think that maybe the 60’s and 70’s would be fine with a lot of people Free love , Open relationships. I bet that the marriages that have and open relationship are less like to end in a Divorce. I mean they already try to tell us how to spend our money ,weather we can have guns or not, we cant spank our kids anymore and they wonder what is happening to this country , people stop handing out Butt Whooping and the kids are all going nuts and walking all over their parents and getting in to more trouble , jail becoming thieves and killers .Should Have gave them a spanking ...

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