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Iowa Residents Petition to Impeach Judge Who Overturned Gay Marriage Ban

Friday Jan 25, 2008

DES MOINES - Petitions calling for the impeachment of
a judge who overturned Iowa's ban on gay marriages have been
delivered to Legislature.

The petitions, with over 6,000 signatures, were handed over
today by social conservative Bill Salier. He says the
goal is to "stop a runaway judiciary.''

Salier says Polk County Judge Robert Hanson overstepped his
authority by legalizing gay marriage last summer. Hanson stayed his
ruling while it's under appeal to the Iowa Supreme Court.

Impeaching a judge takes an act of the Legislature.

Critics of Hanson's ruling are pushing lawmakers for a
constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. Democrats who
control both the House and Senate have taken the issue off the
table and are dismissing Salier's effort.

House Speaker Pat Murphy says they're "not doing anything on

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