President of Taiwan in Gay Sex Scandal

by Kilian Melloy
Friday Feb 27, 2009

Taiwan's president allegedly appears in a sex video with a male partner--an American dancer and DJ named Charles Mack.

President Ma Ying-jeou denied that such a video exists, reported the Taipei Times in a Feb. 27 article.
Said Ma, "It's incredible that media outlets allow themselves to be hoodwinked by such a ridiculous story."

Added the president, "It's a groundless rumor, and there's nothing to it."

The article said that the president made his denial on television.

President Ma won last year's election, calling for an end to Taiwan's long-standing strife with China.

But the rumor has a high-ranking pedigree, reported the article, having come from a claim by Ma's predecessor, Chen Shui-bian, who reportedly said in court that a plan to create a sex scandal during last year's presidential elections was derailed by Wu Wen-chung, a Special Investigation Panel Prosecutor who intervened and stopped the video from becoming public knowledge.

According to Chen, the sex video was in the possession of Chang Wei-chin, who is married to Mack. Chang reportedly is friends with Chen, and had intended to make the video public so as to ensure Chen's presidential victory before Wu allegedly stepped in.

The report said that Ma claimed to have heard the rumor during the election and dismissed it then, as well.

Said Ma, "Such a rumor would lower the tone of the presidential campaign."

Added the president, "I feel very sorry that it has been brought up again one year after the election."
The Feb. 25 edition of the Taiwan News said that Chen is in prison due to charges of corruption.

The claims made by Chen regarding the alleged sex video emerged at the start of Chen's trial.

Earlier this month, Mack was ordered to leave Taiwan because of claims that he had unprotected sex with two other men while infected with syphilis.

The story appeared in the Feb. 1 edition of the Taipei Times.

Mack, originally from Memphis, TN, had resided and worked in Taiwan for some time, first as a dancer, then as a radio DJ, and most recently as the operator of a dance company.

Mack's wife told officials last Jan. 16 that he had had sex with two men although he knew that he was carrying syphilis.

Mack refuted that accusation, presenting police three days later with a document saying that he had received treatment for the disease and been cured. His appeal, however, was to no avail.

The article quoted Foreign Affairs Department head for the Taipei police Tony Tsao, who said, "By law, we needed to deport him."

Kilian Melloy serves as EDGE Media Network's Assistant Arts Editor. He also reviews theater for WBUR. His professional memberships include the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association, the Boston Online Film Critics Association, The Gay and Lesbian Entertainment Critics Association, and the Boston Theater Critics Association's Elliot Norton Awards Committee.


  • , 2009-02-27 20:45:45

    The author wrote, "having come from a claim by Ma’s predecessor, Chen Shui-bian, who reportedly said in court that a plan to create a sex scandal during last year’s presidential elections was derailed by Wu Wen-chung" What Chen Shui-bian said prosecutor Wu did was to "prevent the alleged sex scandal being exposed." This article twisted what Chen said into "a plan to create sex scandal," led readers to believe that this alleged sex scandal is a fabrication. Is this looks-twisting description based on some insider source that only the author Kilian Melloy know? Or this article was written with a pre-determined mind ?

  • , 2009-03-02 22:17:00

    The intention of Chen Shui-bian to bring up this matter is that Wu Wen-chung, a Special Investigation Panel Prosecutor, involved in political operation during the president chamgaign. His judgement of Chen Shui-bian will be too political. This article does not present the real background of the Gay Sex Scandal.

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