Arrest Made in Custody Flight Involving Former Lesbian Partners

by Kilian Melloy
Friday Apr 22, 2011

Lisa Miller failed to comply with a court order to surrender custody of her daughter, Isabella, to her former life partner, Sally Jenkins, last year. Instead, she and Isabella disappeared.

More than a year later, a man has been placed under arrest for allegedly helping Lisa Miller flee to Nicaragua with the child. The Associated Press reported on April 22 that Timothy David Miller was taken into custody in connection with the case.

Mr. Miller was detained on charges of "aiding in the removing of a child from the United States, and retaining a child (who has been in the United States) outside of the United States with intent to obstruct the lawful exercise of parental rights," according to the criminal complaint filed in a U.S. district court.

The complaint noted that Mr. Miller is "associated with the Christian Aid Ministries (CAM) organization in Managua, Nicaragua."

The complaint cited a number of emails that indicated knowledge and participation of Mr. Miller in Lisa Miller's flight. The emails also indicated knowledge of Lisa Miller's flight among a network of individuals. One email, evidently signed by Mr. Miller, warned those in the know to keep details secret: "Sorry, folks, the Lisa subject should currently not be a topic of discussion or emailing," the message read, according to the complaint.

The document also indicated the Mr. Miller had taken a hand in arranging Lisa Miller's travel with an eye to circumventing U.S. jurisdiction.

"Records provided pursuant to a Grand Jury Subpoena from TACA Airlines... provided the following verbatim customer service notes including that, '... Timothy Miller called from Nicaragua: They have to leave Can. tomorrow and... Cant go thro U.S....' According to the records provided, the date of the communication of Timothy Miller with TACA Airlines appears to be on or about September 21, 2009."

Lisa Miller's court-ordered surrender of custody was to take place on Jan. 1, 2010.

A third individual was cited as having paid for the tickets. No evidence of return flight tickets having been purchased was found, the complaint noted.

The complaint also stated that it appeared Lisa Miller and Isabella had both assumed new names, with Lisa Miller going by "Sarah" and Isabella being re-named "Lydia." An email from Mr. Miller's account related, "We were planning to have a special birthday party for Lydia as her birthday is the 16th.... The more children the better. Sarah every year has gotten a piƱata for Lydia, so she has been planning on that... I feel dearly for these 2 dear people. And I can see it would mean a lot to them in this rough first year of their stay in Nica. I would love for Lydia's birthday to be very special and remembered long. She is going through a lot, and her future looms greatly in front of her right now...."

Another email from Mr. Miller's account seems to indicate that individuals associated with Christian Aid Ministries also had knowledge of Lisa Miller and her daughter's whereabouts.

"Another big thing right now is CAM higher ups say she may not even go to CAM any more for the protection of the organization," the email reads, according to the complaint. "That's pretty sick. The isolation is driving her and little Lydia crazy.... Please keep this e-mail to yourselves about Sarah and CAM...."

The complaint also linked a wealthy individual allegedly associated with Liberty Counsel to the case. Liberty Counsel provided support and representation to Lisa Miller during her legal cases. The group is affiliated with Christian school Liberty University, which operates a law school. The complaint said that Sally Jenkins' lawyer had received a tip via telephone that included several tidbits of information.

"...Philip Zodhiates is a wealthy man and a 'Liberty Leader' who has a beach house in Nicaragua," the complaint said the caller told Jenkins' lawyer. "Lisa Miller and Isabella Miller have been staying at the home of Zodhiates."

The complaint continued, "Victoria Hyden is the daughter of Zodhiates. Zodhiates asked Hyden to disseminate a request to get Lisa Miller supplies.... The 'Faculty/Staff Directory listed within the Liberty School of Law website lists 'Victoria Hyden' as an 'Administrative Assistant' within the 'Admissions and Financial Aid' section."

A special agent with the FBI submitted the criminal complaint against Mr. Miller.

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  • , 2011-04-22 13:11:54

    Sad that the mother had to go through that. Sadder that well-known organizations participated in this lawless farce.

  • , 2011-04-29 14:22:08

    The "well known organizations" have truly "walked the walk and not just talked the talk" in helping this mother in her unalienable rights to keep her child. Whatever the courts decide, this pastor and all who have helped Lisa Miller to protect her child, will be blessed by God.

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