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Smarter Siri, Better Battery Life in Apple Software Update

CORPORATE | By Anick Jesdanun | Sep 17
Apple's iPhones and iPads have gotten free software updates, including battery improvements and a smarter virtual assistant. The new features and capabilities in the update, iOS 9, are primarily refinements rather than anything transformative.

Homotech :: Speedo Shine Takes To The Pool

PERSONAL TECH | By David Foucher | Sep 11
The new Speedo Shine from Misfit is an effective activity tracker, although its minimalist aesthetic is lacking a few "must-haves" for more serious swimmers.

Auto Safety Tech: Survey Shows Big Gaps in Knowledge

LEGAL | By Dee-Ann Durbin | Sep 11
The survey, by the University of Iowa Public Policy Center's Transportation and Vehicle Safety program, suggests big gaps in the public's knowledge about potentially life-saving features.

TSA Agents Grope 'Anomaly in the Genitals' of 'Attractive' Passengers

TSA Agents Grope 'Anomaly in the Genitals' of 'Attractive' Passengers

LEGAL | Sep 7
Video obtained by CBS affiliate KCNC shows an incident where TSA agents allegedly behaved inappropriately at Denver International Airport.

Spying TVs Recording Owners: CA Bill Aims to Warn Consumers

LEGAL | By Julia Horowitz | Aug 24
Readers who scanned the user manual for a new Samsung smart TV may have been surprised to learn their household conversations could be recorded without their knowledge. State Assemblyman Mike Gatto certainly was.

Apple Said to Show Interest in Automotive Testing Facility

CORPORATE | By Brandon Bailey | Aug 17
Adding fuel to rumors that Apple is working on designs for a car, local officials say engineers for the giant tech company recently made inquiries about a former navy base that's been converted into a testing ground for self-driving cars.

Can Stand-Alone Gadgets Trump All-in-One Devices

CORPORATE | By Anick Jesdanun | Aug 10
When Apple announced new iPod music players a few weeks ago, many people asked why anyone would need iPods when smartphones can play music and more.

Experts Warn Artificial Intelligence May Build Weapons

SCIENCE | By Richard Lardner | Jul 29
According to an open letter signed by hundreds of scientists and technology experts, artificial intelligence could be used to build weapons with minds of their own. Here are five important things to know about artificial intelligence.

Better than Friends? This Robot Gives Undivided Attention

CULTURE | By Yuri Kageyama | Jul 19
Pepper, the new companion robot from Tokyo-based technology company Softbank Corp., delivers cuteness like you've never seen. What's striking is the absolutely ardent attention it gives you - frankly a lot better than some real-life people.

ACLU Asks Appeals Court to Halt NSA Phone Record Collection

PERSONAL TECH | By Larry Neumeister | Jul 15
Civil liberties groups asked a federal appeals court Tuesday to again strike down as unconstitutional a portion of a law used by the government to justify the collection and storage of Americans' phone records.

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