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Miki Singh: Living His Dream

by Kay Bourne
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Monday Jul 21, 2008

Miki Singh had retired from his primo business in his thirties with a killing made in high tech dot com world. Now living a more relaxed life, he was standing at the bar in a nightclub when a couple on the dance floor caught his eye. "She was very tall, very. Very beautiful," says Singh describing how the lyrics of "Beautiful Thing" came to him.

"She had blond hair so blond it was white. And she was dancing with a guy who was Senegal black. They were black and white like an artistic photograph." Singh scribbled the lines that came to him on a cocktail napkin. "a black hand on a pearly white skin - it's a beautiful thing." Later he would think how apt the lines are for a disco song since those clubs have been a multicultural meeting ground since their invention in the 80ties.

Singh is chatting with various press members before the night's set at a private dining room at Umbria's where his 5-piece rock band will introduce the group's CD Supersaturated. It's their third album, but its first under the name The Singhs. Originally assembled as Dragonfly in 2001 by lead singer, guitarist, and song writer Mike Singh with blues guitarist Peter Parcek (co author of "Beautiful Thing"), the peripatetic band has traveled and performed from Amsterdam to Morocco, The Maldives, France and Bombay to Paris with its mix of funk, pop, and rock.

The Singhs will be performing July 23, in New York at Sullivan Hall, 214 Sullivan St. before West 3rd and Bleeker in Greenwich Village. For more info you can phone 866-468-7619 or go on-line at the Sullivan Hall website.

The band will then return to Boston, their base, for a date at Church, 69 Kilmarnock St. in the Fenway area. For more info you can call 617-236-7600 or go on-line at the Church of Boston website. The band is rounded out with keyboardist and DJ Brother Cleve, drummer Steve Scully, and bassist Marc Hickox.

Self produced and releasing records under its own label, Redstar Entertainment (which represents other artists as well, provides on-line tech support for musicians, and manages events), The Singhs lead singer Miki, who's conversant with communications, is marketing the12-track CD through i-Tunes as a digital download and through Amazon.com as a digital download or as a CD you can hold in your hand.

A businessman before he became a professional musician and the darling of the Boston business and night life press (he was a cover story for "The Improper Bostonian"), Singh was a student at M.I.T. in the 1990s when he made a killing in the high tech dot com industry with an e-commerce company Art Technology Group founded with fellow student Joe Chung. It was a high tech approach for content management, catalog administration, and marketing for businesses, and is still in operation.

"The company was worth six billion dollars at one point," he said, amazed himself at the enormity of the figure. "That was only on paper, of course," he modifies. He cleared $600 million, however, and retired to the Caribbean where he bought a 70-acre beachfront estate on St. Barthelemy in the French West Indies.

Even in those heady days, however, Miki held onto his dream of being a musician singing in a band called Modern Man which played gigs at The Rat, Jonathan Swift's, T.T. the Bear, and the like, although once ATG got going there started a 15-year hiatus from music.

Born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1963, the son of diplomatic parents, Singh spent his childhood living all over the world including Spain, the former Soviet Union, South Vietnam, Columbia, and Uganda. His father is from India and his mother from Indonesia. Miki spent his high school years at a boarding school in the Himalayas and then headed to M.I.T.

With the mega success of ATG, Singh could be taking his ease; "yes," he says, "I could be spending my days dipping my toe in the water but that gets old pretty quickly. Everything I want now is to play music."

Accustomed to being questioned by the press from his days as a high tech super star, Singh says the questions are very different, however. "Then it was 'how much?,' now it's in the realm of my art."

For more on Miki Singh and The Singhs, visit the group's website.


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